DC Kohima directs vehicle workshop owners

Kohima, May 3 (DIPR): DC Kohima, Rajesh Soundararajan, IAS has issued an order for owners of vehicle garages, workshops and servicing stations operating along the New Secretariat Road.


The DC stated that the vehicle garages and workshops are encroaching the road by parking and repairing vehicles which is affecting traffic flow and also destroying the road. The servicing stations and car washes are flooding the road with water and other effluents which is shortening the life span of the road.


In this regard, the DC has directed all vehicle garages, workshops and servicing stations to adhere to the following:

1. Run-down vehicles parked on the road beyond the garage premises should be removed within 5 (five) days from the date of issue of this order.

2. No repair works should be carried out beyond the garage premises.

3. The vehicle servicing stations and car washes should ensure that water and other effluents do not flow on to the road and is properly disposed off without affecting the neighbourhood and environment.
This order comes in to effect immediately. Failure to adhere shall invite penal action as per Provision of the Law.


On clogged drainage and garbage dumping

Meanwhile, DC Kohima, Rajesh Soundararajan, has also informed residents of Old Minister’s Hill and Jail Colony Kohima that drainages in the two colonies are being clogged in certain areas because of incessant dumping of garbage. With the onset of monsoon, these clogged drains will result in the overflow of sewage onto the roads and create bad traffic congestions, adversely affecting the daily commute of people, pollute the overall hygiene of the locality and even trigger landslides, the DC stated.


In this regard, an order has been issued and authorization is given to the PWD (R&B) South Division Kohima to immediately clear the clogged drains including the garbage dumped on the road side and furthermore, throwing of waste into the drainage and on the road side is banned with immediate effect. Anybody doing so and obstructing the works of the PWD (R&B) will be penalized as per provisions of Law. The Deputy Commissioner has requested all concerned to extend their full cooperation.