DC Wokha appeals for cooperation and support

DC Wokha appeals for cooperation and support
DC Wokha, Manzir Jeelani Samoon with Rev Sulumo Ezung at the WTBC Sunday devotional service on December 3. (DIPR Photo)


Wokha, December 4 (DIPR): Quoting from Bible verse for peace and tranquility and invoking God’s blessing to the people of the district, Deputy Commissioner Wokha, Manzir Jeelani Samoon appealed for unflinching cooperation and support from all the stakeholders of the district to usher into a new era of peace and tranquility to take the district forward for all-round progress and development. He stated this while delivering message of peace, cooperation and support at the mother church of the Wokha Town Baptist Church (WTBC) Sunday devotional service on December 3.


Jeelani said, as we celebrate the season of the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ let us also resolved to restrain ourselves from violence if we want to take our district forward, as violence can only bring loss of human lives and humanity.


Speaking on forthcoming State Assembly election, he stated that, Wokha district has history of violence in the previous election and if election is being held on time, he called for peaceful election as we do not want to witness loss of properties and human lives.


DC also extended best wishes and bright future to the youth of the district and implored his full support as destiny and outcome of our state and country depends on them. He further appealed o the youth to restrain from indulging violence during election to bring peace and tranquility in the district.