Dear readers, there are some practical suggestions on what measures every citizen can take for strengthening the efforts to prevent human trafficking in Nagaland.

•    As long as human society exists then human trafficking would not stop its inevitable. 2)Human society had been going through human trafficking as well as other bad things from time immemorial, so for prostitution, immoral activities, stealing, extortion, etc. 3)Its human dark side of human nature and instinct to involve or to do unjust activities. 4) I am not trying to be pessimistic but particularly women and girls of all walks of life should go against such things instead of blabbering their mouth and sitting high and mighty. 6) Even females too who haven't face any plight in their life would not understand what another female goes through. 7) Where are the female bureaucrats, government officials, influential lectures, fashion icons, singers, or even association, etc where are they when society needs them the most. 8) As long as you get salary isn't “women of Nagaland” that only benefits your ego and pride.

•    The Naga Churches and Civil society have to be involved in preventing human trafficking. This means the community needs to become more aware and its social network needs to be strengthened.