Demand for Frontier Nagaland rings loud

Demand for Frontier Nagaland rings loud
Participants of the rallies to support the demand for a separate state of Frontier Nagaland held across Eastern Nagaland on June 12.


Morung Express News
Mon/Kiphire/Tuensang |July 12


The demand for a separate state of Frontier Nagaland witnessed renewed momentum today with the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO) organizing rallies across the eastern districts of Nagaland on June 12.


Several apex organizations from across the districts expressed their solidarity with the separate statehood demand being spearheaded by the ENPO.


In the Tuensang rally, ENPO Preisdent, Kekongchim Yimchunger stated that Eastern Nagaland was never under any administrative establishments, and lamented that since the statehood of Nagaland, the people in the districts have been “deprived in every social aspect of development; be it educationally or economically.”


“It is time to revive and change for the good,” he stated. While affirming support to the Naga political issue, the ENPO President however said that the demand for Frontier Nagaland cannot be compromised or suppressed by any external force.


In Tuensang solidarity speeches were delivered by the Chang Tribal Council (CTC), Sangtam Union Tuensang Town (SUTT), Khiamniungan Union Tuensang Town (KUTT), Yimchunger Union Tuensang Town (YUTT), All Ward Union Tuensang Town (AWUTT), Confederation of Chang Students Union (CCSU), Phom Union, Chang Women Organization (CWO) and the Head GB Tuensang Town.


The CTC said that there has been poor implementation of development in the region, while adding that due to backdoor appointments deserving educated youths remain unemployed, hampering the socio economic of the eastern People. “We have roads, colleges and hospitals but all this are just for name sake,” the CTC said.


The SUTT pointed out that Eastern Nagaland has been deprived of social development and asked the people to come together towards realizing the goal of a separate state. The KUTT made clear that the rallies are not to tarnish the name of any individual or group but for the future generations. It reminded that while separate statehood would take time, people should remain firm and stand as one. It also asked fellow Nagas not to misunderstand the demand “as we are not seeking for a separate country but a state under the provision of India.”


The YUTT urged people to forget their differences and come together with a sense of unity and move forward to achieve the separate state demand. The Phom Union supplemented this by calling for unity in the grass roots level to achieve statehood.


The CCSU meanwhile felt that the people of Eastern Nagaland “are trying to break the chain” and stated that “our demand should not be diverted; we should stand as one and move forward.”


The CWO said that eastern people should not be looked down upon and urged women to “work hard and send their children to school instead of sending them to work as domestic helpers.” It also stated that the cries of the eastern people should be heard loud and wide.


The Head GB of Tuensang Town meanwhile expressed the support of the GBs and said that “we should not fall into the hands of the wicked.” “We are demanding for statehood but before that we should come together and fight in a diplomatic way,” he said while encouraging the ENPO leaders to guide the people in the right direction.


Later, the gathering submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner, Tuensang.


In Mon, President of the Konyak Union, Manlip Konyak stated that the demand for Frontier Nagaland is not against any other people but to fulfill all round development under ENPO jurisdiction which can be attained only through statehood.


He mentioned that since the inception of Nagaland, the people of Eastern Nagaland have been the same in every sphere, and sought support from political leaders and civil societies.


Advisor ENPO, Khoiwang Konyak cited poor education, low employment and poor road connectivity in all the eastern districts. He meanwhile informed that talks regarding the statehood demand with the Government of India and the Nagaland State Government would continue till it is attained.


In Mon, solidarity speeches were delivered by the KNSK, KSU, KU Mon unit, MDGBU and Hoka Konyak, a representative of the senior citizens.


Later, the rally marched towards the DC’s office to submit a memorandum to Deputy Commissioner Mon.


In Kiphire, the rally was held at deluxe point, and attended by ENPO officials, students and women organisations and citizens.


ENPO Vice President, P Setsacho said that nothing less that statehood would be acceptable. He added that the ENPO is only an ambassador of the people of the six tribes of the Eastern Nagaland and assured that “we will only move ahead with the suggestions and the input of the people.”


He informed that the ENPO has already conducted four bilateral talks and tripartite talks with the Government of India, while cautioning people to be wary of external forces that may try to destabilize the movement.


President of the United Sangtam Students Conference (USSC), Sepikyu spoke on the inequality experienced by people in Eastern Nagaland and appealed to the six tribes under the ENPO to be united so that their aspirations are fulfilled.


United Sangtam Likhum Pumji Vice President, K Tsilise urged people to extend cooperation to the officials in cash and ideas for the progress of the demand. Vice President Akedah Sagntamlaru Thsingmujang (AST), K Apila meanwhile asked women groups to come out strongly in support of the Frontier Nagaland state.