‘Demand for Tobu district purely for development & admin convenience’

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 15 (MExN): The Tobu District Demand Committee (TDDC) today stated that the demand for a separate Tobu district is purely for the development and administrative convenience of the public and people living beyond Aboi. “We are hopeful that the Government will take note of our demand and fulfill the long cry and demand of the people of Tobu-Moka,” it stated.


It meanwhile questioned what it termed was the “antagonistic approach of Aboi area leaders” towards the demand of Tobu District by the Tobu-Moka public.


A press note from the TDDC Co-conveners, Yangon Konyak and SB Poangba said that the leaders of Tobu area “have never objected the Aboi district demand as it is the democratic right of every citizen to raise demand to the government.”


According to the TDDC “the Aboi area leaders have bragged in its demand that it has all the necessary facilities to be a district, because the Aboi area has enjoyed developments and privileges in the name of Upper Konyaks whereas development never flowed beyond Aboi.”


“The demand for Tobu district have been compelled due to the lack of infrastructures and development deficiency, and the main motive behind Tobu District demand is to bring development beyond Aboi and to benefit the people living beyond Aboi,” it added.


The TDDC termed it a “paradox that the Aboi district demand committee has stated that Aboi, which is just 32 KMs away from Mon District HQ fulfils the criteria whereas Tobu which is more than 100 KMs away and some villages even more than 190 KMs away from Mon do not fulfill the criteria.”


“Dimapur, and not Kohima, should have been the capital of Nagaland if the commercial viability has been considered but every place has its own significance,” it pointed out. The TDDC said that Tobu is located at the geostrategic point and is the nodal point in the Eastern part of Nagaland lying in the midst of Myanmar, Khiamniungan, Changs, Phom and Konyaks. The administrative Head Quarter at Tobu will be of immense importance to the State and the Central Government from the national security and governance point of view, it said.


“It is a great surprise that the Chang and Konyak issue which was settled amicably, with the exchange of daos and shawls between Changs and Konyaks, through the joint effort of the Tribal leaders of both the Communities and the state government is still pending before the leaders of Aboi area and they should give an answer on this to the apex Konyak Union and the Government,” the TDCC said.


It further expressed fear that the “demand for district by Aboi on the basis of Upper Konyaks and Lower Konyaks will lead to division of the Konyak Society.”


The TDCC meanwhile notified the leaders of Tobu area to be in station till January 20 and informed that an urgent public meeting will be held in connection to this issue.