Dengue has not reached epidemic level: Nagaland Health Minister

Health Minister Paiwang Konyak visiting the Police Hospital at Chümoukedima on September 21. (DIPR Photo)

Health Minister Paiwang Konyak visiting the Police Hospital at Chümoukedima on September 21. (DIPR Photo)

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 21 (MExN): Nagaland Health Minister Paiwang Konyak today asked citizens not to panic on account of the surge of Dengue cases, while clarifying that the status has not reached epidemic level. 

Following series of meetings with doctors from both the government and private hospitals and after obtaining detailed statistical data of dengue cases, the Health Minister claimed that the Dengue surge in Dimapur was not alarming and called upon the public not to panic.

He said this while addressing medical practitioners and media persons after visiting Chümoukedima Police Hospital, Christian Institute Health Science and Research, and District Hospital Dimapur on September 21. He expressed satisfaction over the preparation of the hospitals beds as contingency plan in case of emergency for dengue in all the three hospitals and assured of extending all required help.

Throwing light on the status of Dengue cases in Dimapur, he informed that that the situation could not be considered as an epidemic, citing reasons that according to recent data collected, out of 100 patients around 70% showed mild fever with dengue like symptoms, and only around 30% were Dengue cases, of which, only 2 to 3 classified as severe and needing blood transfusion. He therefore informed that the present scenario has not reach epidemic level.

He reassured citizens that the government is taking every necessary step to control the Dengue outbreak, adding that there are enough platelets and blood in storage. Konyak further stressed on the importance of source reduction and prevention as the primary strategy for Dengue control. He maintained that fogging, though employed, should not be solely relied upon, and thereby advocated on the significance of cleanliness and sanitation efforts.

With the activation of the District Task Force, Konyak urged for active involvement from ward representatives, Chairpersons, GBs, and local leaders to raise awareness among the public, quoting the maxim ‘prevention is better than cure.’

He also advised elderly individuals with fever symptoms to avoid unnecessary travel, whilst appealing Dimapur residents exhibiting symptoms not to travel to their native villages. The Minister called for unity among all stakeholders in creating awareness and to follow preventive measures in order to combat the surge effectively.