Deputy Commissioner urges DPDB members to envision new Kiphire

Deputy Commissioner of Kiphire, Mohammed Ali Shihab addressing the DPDB meeting on December 6.


Morung Express News
Kiphire | December 6

The Deputy Commissioner of Kiphire, Mohammed Ali Shihab (IAS), in his first address at the District Planning & Development Board (DPDB) meeting today asked the board members to envision for new Kiphire and also appealed for their active participation and commitment for the uplift of the district.


Shihab, who is also the Vice Chairman of Kiphire DPDB, further reiterated his availability and commitment towards his responsibility. “For the progress of the district I will be available 24X7,” he assured and asked the members present to air their opinions any time and even through an SMS.


Stressing on the 115th most backward district status in the country, the DC said even in the DPDB meetings some of the departments do not want to attend, which is reflected in the status of the district. He warned that stern action will be initiated and another DPDB meeting will be convened at different time for those officers who fail to attend the meetings. DPDB meeting is extra mandatory for all the officers, he asserted.


Disclosing more on the most backward status in the country, the Deputy Commissioner informed that all the departments have to prepare respective roadmap and also detailed project report on this. In this regard, a joint secretary from Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) Sanjay Kumar (IAS) will be visiting the district on December 15, he said, and asked the officers to be prepared.


Shihab further maintained that the Central government is serious on this backward district issue and it will be scrutinised in micro level by the cabinet secretary in the central government as it is one of the important components of NITI Ayog.


“On one side, peace talk is going on with GoI and on the other side central Government is serious to develop Nagaland by inviting international agencies like IFDA, KFC, JAICA etc which shows the seriousness of the GoI,” he added.


The DC also highlighted the matters related to the upcoming general election. Stating that the election may be held in February and the dates will be announced 30-35 days prior to the polls, he asked the officers and department to give maximum cooperation towards the success of the exercise.


DEO Deenapandu Panda, while taking part in the discussion, said the statistics of more drop out percentage in the district may be due to erroneous UDICE and also Midday meal issue. Things are not refined and they are being taken care of, he stated. The problem of education in the district, he stated, is mostly due to transfer of teachers without relievers and also teachers wanting to transfer to urban places only.


Sericulture department presented PowerPoint presentation during the meeting.