Despite disabilities, couple finds love in a silent world

Despite disabilities, couple finds love in a silent world

Morung Express News


On March 9, 2016, a unique wedding was witnessed at Diphupar Ao Baptist Church, Dimapur. The wedding was special for many people and for a good number of reasons.


For Pastor Lipok Jamir, it was his first to solemnize a couple – Aomeren and Temsutula -who are both speech and hearing impaired since birth. It was also a first for the church to bless such a special couple into holy matrimony.


“It has been such an overwhelming and a blessed experience for me and the church…and humbling too,” pastor Lipok said.


With no knowledge of sign language to communicate with the couple, a little apprehensive pastor Lipok, wanting to make sure that the marriage ceremony went by without any glitch, even prepared a power point presentation for the couple to take the vow.


“Fortunately, we found a former teacher of the couple, Tianla, to communicate the wedding proceedings,” the pastor said.


For Aomeren getting married was heaven’s intervention for his family. Eldest among five siblings, his parent and brothers and sisters had been pleading with him for years to get married- without any luck.


“If I don’t get a proper job, I will not marry, Aomeren would use to say,” recalled his sister Arenla, who communicated for the couple during an interview at their residence in Diphupar recently.


The prospect of love and marriage did not figure in the list of goals Aomeren planned to reach in the future-though he had a crush on Temsutula ever since his school days at the Deaf and Dumb Biblical Ministry in Naharbari, Dimapur.


“I was in my senior years in the ministry when I first saw Temsutula, a junior then and I immediately fell in love,” Aomeren, with a silly grin, gestures with his hands. Faced with a reality of encumbering disabilities, Aomeren thought marriage can only be a castle in the sky.


Things changed after he recently secured a government job as a mechanic assistant in the PWD department. A now secure Aomeren conveyed to his family his desire to get married- much to their jubilation-but of course to a particular woman.


For the newly wedded couple, a church wedding is big leap and also a bittersweet achievement- given the reality that many of their friends with disabilities- due to a number of inescapable reasons- have not been fortunate to have one.
In recent record, there is only a couple like them who married in a church- his best friend Aoshe and Tohoni- whose wedding Aomeren had also attended.


“For people like us with disability, its best to marry someone similar to our condition because only we can understand and adjust our-self better,” Aomeren said, presenting a painful truth they face on love and relationship.


In the meantime, there are plenty of smiles, giggles and exchanges of glances when asked about the new life the couple is set to undertake.


“We are a little apprehensive, but excited and happy to venture out on a new life,” Aomeren expresses after holding a series of sign-language consultation with his wife. “What our future holds is up to God Almighty,” Temsutula, who is a SSA teacher in a school for disability in Mokokchung, responds gesturing her hand towards the ceiling.


The couple is also grateful to Rev Yanger Walling, principal of Deaf and Dumb Biblical Ministry, for his guidance and for providing a place for people like them with disability.


Next month, the couple will make another bold step. They will go their own way and live in a separate home- away from their parents or the hostels their previous life have been associated with.


“We can’t say how our life’s going to be. But we are optimistic; the couple in all candidness shares their thought.


For Aomeren and Temsutula, it’s indeed a big leap into life.