Dimapur Police notifies

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 17 (MExN): Dimapur Police today issued a notice informing citizens of the town to adhere to the central government’s ‘Harid Diwali-Swasth Diwali’ campaign aimed to mitigate pollution levels. The following fire crackers are prohibited as per the government directive: firecrackers generating noise level exceeding 125 db (A1) or 145 db (C) pk at 4 meters from the point of bursting. For joined firecrackers, the limit needs to be reduced by 5 log 10 (N) db, where N is the number of joined crackers together. The Commissioner of Police Dimapur asked citizens to adhere to these directives and also urged to limit the bursting of firecrackers after 10:30 pm.