Dimapur takes measures to control Dengue

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 12 (MExN): The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Dimapur today informed that Dengue cases have been detected in certain areas of Dimapur, especially in Lingrijan and DC court areas.


Dimapur takes measures to control DengueA press note from the Dimapur CMO, Dr MA Wati informed that preventive measures are being taken along with dissemination of information on dengue to control the spread of the disease. The National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP), under the chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner, Kesonyu Yhome, has been carrying out co-ordination meeting with council members and others to control and prevent the disease in all the affected areas.


Fogging with Malathion to kill the adult mosquito is being carried out at least twice a week and spraying of inimical (temephos) to kill the larvae in drainage and water collected area is also being done, it was informed.


The CMO further stated that fogging is being done colony-wise and the department is making an effort to cover the whole of Dimapur. “But since the mosquito breeds mostly in small collection of water which is usually man made, each house hold should keep the surrounding clean to prevent the breeding of mosquito,” he advised.


Dengue is a viral disease caused by infected Aedes mosquito which bites in the day time. The mosquito breeds in small collections of water inside and around the house. The symptoms include fever, severe body ache, and pain behind the eyeball, body rashes and in severe case bleeding from nose, gums and GI tract.


The CMO informed that there are no specific medicines available for dengue fever, it is self-limiting and recovery is spontaneous in most cases. Supportive treatment with plenty of fluid orally should be given and for fever only paracetamol should be used. For confirmation blood can be tested in sentinel site laboratory in District Hospital Dimapur free of cost. For any query and assistance contact DVBO (NVBDCP) Chief Medical Officer’s Office, Dimapur.


Dos and Don’ts
•    Allow collection of water around the house.
•    Throw empty cans, tyres, dispocups, bottles, broken utensils and anything where water can collect near the house.
•    Keep water reservoir like buckets, drums, tank etc. open.

•    Fill up ditches and other water collection sites around the house.
•    Remove/destroy all disposable and unused materials lying in and around the house like old tyres, buckets, broken utensils etc.
•    Water in flower pots and vase to be changed weekly.
•    All water storage containers should be covered.
•    Put insecticide, kerosene oil, and diesel in drains, AC coolers.
•    Wear clothes that cover the whole body in day time.
•    Use wire mesh doors and windows.
•    Should sleep under mosquito net during day time especially for children and pregnant women.
•    Use mosquito repellent like lotion, cream etc.