Dire need for proper waste management in the state capital

Morotsung Longchar
DIPR feature

Just a week after the State wide Mass Social Work, the sight and smell that greets the office goers in and around the New Capital Complex, Kohima, especially the road leading towards the Directorate of Labour is definitely not a pleasant one. A person who is new to Kohima, the State Capital, would be shocked and appalled at the sorry state of affairs when it comes to waste management in and around the new capital complex area which houses the offices of all the high ranking officials of the State inclusive of the elected representatives.

Take for example the road leading to the Directorate of Labour which is now too narrow for two cars to pass because of the garbage dumped there. The smell that greets you while crossing that road is enough to encourage one to skip a few meals for the day and those with weight issues would definitely benefit from visiting the area on a regular basis.

However on a more serious note, the need for a proper waste management system in the State Capital has never been greater and the concerned authority in collaboration with the citizens themselves must come up with a proper workable action plan and implement it at the earliest if indeed Kohima is to become a Smart City with Smart people striving towards ‘a cleaner and greener Kohima’.