Dismay over dilapidated road

N. Theyo
Senior Citizen, Kohima Town


We the senior citizens and residents of Kohima Town express our dismay over the dilapidated road condition particularly from Classic junction towards Khuchiezie (Jasokie Road) side upto D.C. Office and State Bank of India. The irony is that the road named after the former Chief Minister of Nagaland late J.B. Jasokie, is in a pathetic condition.


The Department of PWD should have given priority to fill up potholes with black topping in honour of late Jasokie. It is a disgrace that nothing has been done so far to repair this portion of road at all.


There are numerous potholes on the road making it difficult for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic. While negotiating potholes by vehicles, school going children needs to be extra cautious to avoid mishap. Children carrying heavy school bags and walking on this road sometimes stumble in the potholes and becomes victim of accident.


No steps have been taken so far to mitigate the miseries of even senior citizens who often take strolls in the morning through numerous potholes. Proper safety of public is jeopardized which calls for immediate fill up of potholes with black topping in the interest of public service.


Therefore, we request concerned Department of PWD to seriously look into our plight and initiate appropriate action to carry out necessary repair works and fill up these potholes with black topping particularly in this portion of road as mentioned above otherwise the Department of PWD will be solely responsible in the event of any mishap caused due to bad road condition.