Dismiss petition seeking to de-register party: NDPP to ECI

Dismiss petition seeking to de-register party: NDPP to ECI

Dimapur, July 22 (MExN): The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) has finally responded to a petition filed with the Election Commission of India (ECI) seeking its de-registration. The NDPP asked for the petition to be dismissed.


“On close scrutiny of the petition by the party and senior legal luminaries, the petition was found to be not only politically motivated, but it has been fabricated with false contents, inaccurate certificates and the affidavit itself was fraudulent,” claimed the NDPP in a press statement issued today by its Media and Communication Committee. The NDPP concluded this after more than a month ‘scrutinizing’ the petition.


The NDPP maintained that it has “appropriately replied to the petition,” and also pointed out “the deficiencies of the petition and the attempts to mislead the ECI with false information and certificates,” thus calling for its “dismissal.”
It may be recalled that a citizen had filed a petition with the ECI in December 2017 first accusing at least 13 members of the ruling NDPP, including their top brass, of filing false affidavits with the ECI, apart from other allegations. The petition was taken forward by the ECI only in May 2018.


Attacking its ‘opponents,’ the NDPP stated, “The petition was timed at a crucial period of the campaign to the recently held bye-election to the Lok Sabha Parliamentary seat from Nagaland. It was used by our adversaries as a campaign strategy to garner votes and create confusion in the minds of the public..”


In the press release, the NDPP reminisced how it was “founded in the most democratic manner” in May 2017 and that no objections were received even after public notices in the form of newspaper advertisements were published in national, local, Hindi and vernacular newspapers on September 6 and 7, 2017, inviting objections within 30 days.


“No such claims or objections were received. After completion of all formalities the NDPP was formally registered with the ECI on October 13, 2017. On December 7, 2017, the ECI allotted the common symbol of Globe for the general elections to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly 2018,” noted the Nagaland State ruling party which claimed that it now has “more than 8000 primary and active members” in the State.


“The NDPP got registered with the ECI on the basis of following all procedures meticulously by following all instructions and directions of the commission and the party has been accorded recognition by virtue of its numerical strength which was obtained through electoral performances in a democratic manner,” it maintained.