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Dissenting voices to Naga Hoho’s August 23 meeting

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 18 (MExN): A set of dissenting notes were voiced out today regarding the proposed August 23 meeting in Mokochung convened by the Hoho Naga Hoho to deliberate over “the report of the search committee and finalize its way forward.”

The search committee was constituted to “nominate/elect the new team of office bearers to the Naga Hoho” and all tribe hoho presidents/representatives/interested individuals were requested to attend the proposed meeting.

In a rejoinder issued by “to clarify and give an actual picture,” the signatories argued that the "tenure of Naga Hoho 2013-18 expired on November 26, 2018 and for any extension it warrants the decision of the Federal Assembly.”

“The present incumbents have no mandate to continue as it violates the constitutional provisions not to speak of convening meetings. All decision taken must be treated null and void,” stated that press release appended by Naga Hoho’ Speaker, , Kenyuseng Tep;   former General Secretary, Mutsikhoyo Yhobu;  former President, Keviletuo Kewhuo; and Former Finance Secretary Rüngutuo Sechü.

“The only way forward will be for the federal organs to come together as a Federal Assembly and resolve the matter, whereof a full-fledged Naga Hoho can be re-organised and its mandate reposed,” it added. 

It also alleged that many Tribe Organisations as constituent units “declared disassociation” from of Naga Hoho due to “matters that transpired or conspired in the tenure under the presidentship of Eno. Chuba Ozukum.”

Meanwhile, the signatories also stated that every Naga from any walk of life are stakeholder in the Naga Hoho, and “thus opinions and constructive criticism from Naga leaders are solicited for our interest.”

“Therefore, all references to the Naga Hoho should not be taken as negativity as observed by the sharp reaction given by the present incumbents to the opinion shared by the present Chief Minister, Nagaland,” it added.

“All Naga leaders, be it politicians, National workers, bureaucrats, social workers... etc  should come forward in contributing toward building a common platform and consolidating ourselves,’ it  further stated. 


CNTC issues directive 
Meanwhile, the Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) has directed its constituent units not to attend August 23 meeting as “the three tribes Aos, Lothas and Sumis have disassociated from it and are no longer part of the Naga Hoho.”

“The CNTC makes it clear to all and sundry that so-called search committee members from the three tribes have not been endorsed by their respective Tribe Hohos,” mainiatned a CNTC press release issued by its Vice President, Hukiye Yeptho.

“Therefore terms any selection or election by the committee as null and void as it is all purely on their own vested interests,” it added. 

In another directive, the CNTC asked its Dimapur-based units -Ao Senso Telongjem Dimapur, Lotha Hoho Dimapur and Western Sumi Hoho - to send at least ten representatives each to installation programme of the 2nd Nagaland Tribes Council team on August 20 at Hotel Saramati Dimapur. 

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