District Profile: State Capital, Eastern Nagaland win hands down in digital initiative

District Profile: State Capital, Eastern Nagaland win hands down in digital initiative

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Kohima | June 18


Each district in Nagaland has its own website designed and maintained by the respective District Unit of National Informatics Centre (NIC). The contents of the sites, however, are obtained or provided by the District Administration.


A visit to the 11 district administration websites in June showed the following picture – the State Capital and the districts in Eastern Nagaland win hands down.


Most district administrations seem to be unaware of the existence of such websites and abandoned the same after initial initiative.


The Good


Kohima: Kohima district’s website was the most up-do-date. Though data on vital statistics and hard data are miniscule, basic profile and other information are well presented including the latest hierarchy of administrative officers in the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Office.


Tuensang: Visually pleasing and informative, the Tuensang district website is also well-maintained. The data on areas and population are based on latest census data and the list of Administrative Head of Departments tally with current incumbents.


Longleng: The district administration’s website of Longleng is aesthetically pleasing and well maintained, but information given needs further enhancement.


Kiphire: While informative and user friendly, data given must be taken with a pinch as the DC is still listed as Neposo Theluo NCS, who was transferred in 2014.


A Screen Shot of the Dimpaur District Anmianstration Website taken on June 13.
A screenshot of the Dimapur District Administration Website taken on June 13. Almost all the links given in the website has not been updated since October 24, 2009 and shows only an ‘Updation in Process’ message.


The Not so Good and the Bizarre


A screenshot Zunheboto District Website takne on June 13, 2017 still shows Neiphiu Rio as the Chief Minister of Nagaland
According to Zunheboto District Administration website, the Chief Minister of Nagaland is still Neiphiu Rio and the Governor is Nikhil Kumar.


Mokokchung: Though copyrighted as 2017, most of the links on the website were not functioning. The information on festivals and tourists were taken Wikipedia and Facebook’s posting respectively.


Mon: The basic information and vital statistics given on the district were based on 2001 Census.


Phek: The latest District Plan given on its website was 2002-2003 while the DC is still LT Konyak.


Peren: A friendly website but the latest data given were based on 2001. The most prominent gallery pictures were about a road show conducted in 2010.


Dimapur: The district’s website homepage seems to be last updated on June 14, 2016 but most other links have not been updated since October 24, 2009 and shows only an ‘Updation in Process’ message.


Zunheboto: The Chief Minister is still listed as Neiphiu Rio and Governor as Nikhil Kumar.


Wokha: According to its website, Y Patton is still a Parliamentary Secretary Geology & Mining, Irrigation & Border Affairs while Dr. Chumben Murry is the Minister of Agriculture.

(This is the conclusion of a three part series on the Nagaland Government’s internet readiness) 

This is the updated version of an article titled, “District Profile: State Capital and Eastern Nagaland win hands down” published in print issue of The Morung Express on June 19.

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