Disturbing Trends in Paradise

Paul N Tao
Former Graduate, Dimapur

It was a wet summer evening on the street of Dimapur. The cataract of rain has ceased. The fading sun just rise to take its berth. The always busy shoppers of Dimapureans seized this mini slot of opportunity to do their final shopping for the day. The pedestrians on the choky side of the road appear seemingly lonely among the crowds; the Big Shots in their SUVs still looking uncomfortable in their air-conditioned condition. But on this fateful day the flood of rain rule the roost in the city of paradise. Seeing the scene my sight received no solace and my destitute legs grumbled as I walked through the wave of flood while the rich swing in their luxurious cars. The rain has unlocked the under-belly of the disturbing trends in paradise.


Let me first absolve the hazy attitude about this write up. I am not an anti-rich nor am I a poor man responsible for creating new fat cats in the society. Howbeit there lies a cataclysm in our social schema, where the rich represent the poor and get richer and the poor creates more demons. I am convinced and I felt it strongly that there is something so wrong in this land of paradise. I could not fathom the thick and crowing rampart we have invented between and within us by our own hands. The haves had too much and the have nots had too less to survive. The proceeding of our system has given so much supremacy and luxury to some elitists and on the per contra the common people are swayed away by the might of the rich. The poor are being paralyzed by the hegemony relish by the affluent smaller groups of people. I am baffled beyond comprehension on why are there so little rich people who holds the absolute majority of the wealth and too many poor people who owns nothing except hardly and rarely meeting the belly and the food. There are so many poor people who often have nothing to fill their angry growling stomach, whereas the rich are confused which one to eat first and which one to eat last. The poor are dying because they haven’t eaten properly for long time and riotously the rich are also dying because they ate and drank too much. Many lives in suffocated dry land whereas few float on their created palace where there are more suites and less occupier (makes me wonder its purpose). Many sleep in a leaking thatch house but few posh in their crores-rupee bedroom. One brotherhood-one sisterhood preaching equality but different livelihood. Too bad.


I could never imagine these monstrosities and differences would ever happen in the land of paradise. A paradise where everybody pompously claimed “[Naga] Land for Christ.” If this state is the archetype of the land for Christ then God would be so let down by our schism. God would be saddened by our standards. The oppressed and the oppressors are within and among us. How could we ever love each other equally if we are not equal? How can we assist when we have more reasons on ‘why should I?’ than ‘how should I help?’ How can we expect change when we don’t want to share our change? Change is just another cliché in our fight. Change isn’t coming. It is within us. Change can and will happen only when we share our change.


We need contributors and not inflated commentators. Our society lacks [we do have some] brave and generous philanthropist leaders. The rich should contribute more and poor should value it better. We need to give more and do more in areas where there are dire strait needs but not where names are inscripted in marbles and fancy stones. Give and give it genuinely. Lips service that rolls off our tongue has no future and it has doomed the society. We have compromised beyond. We (Christians) have become lazier. In times of sincere and genuine opportunity to help solve a problem or address an issue we just pray for it and do nothing. We are so idle and apathetic. There are countless opportunities and ways to reach out to those helpless; we simply have to say yes then the next yes will come easier. We have to discipline ourselves to see others problem as our own. The opportunities are endless; we just have to pause and do it. Though there’ll be inevitable crisis ahead of us we shall not go numb to the devastation that has become a common place in our land. Things might become worse, and the chaos might possibly multiply everyday but together we have the size and power to carry the loads of pain and trouble. We shall all do our dance no matter how difficult the steps be. We shall show up to do our moves for sheer humanity. Alone we all maybe spare parts but together we can fix it. We are the right people at the ripe time to speak and to act. We are absolutely fit.


Be a person to be anything (if not everything) people wants you to be during the most difficult times anyone has ever been asked to endure. Perhaps, we might have our own pursuit of happiness and privy vocation to attend; and we might possibly have our hands filled with manifold responsibilities to respond but WHAT WOULD BE SO WRONG WE HELPING? YOU DECIDE.