‘Divide and Rule’ ans Nagas

Kevitho Kera

I hope this is read with all maturity by everyone. Before lashing out at me, give it a thought what I write.


The state of Nagaland is an illegitimate child of the Naga Political Movement. 16 Point Agreement of 1960 looked good and I understand why some of us might have been part of those who drafted it too (if any). 16 PA clearly mentioned of the desires of Nagas to bring Reserve Forests and contiguous areas inhabited by Nagas (Ancestral Naga lands). India cleverly said this is possible later under Article 3 and 4 of the Indian Constitution. So Nagaland State was created. So money came in which was never monitored how it was used. Only some certain sections of Nagas benefited from it. Decades passed by and voice of resentments from our Eastern Nagas started. Now the demand for “Frontier Nagaland” is seen. India will one day go ahead and give “Frontier Nagaland.” Soon money will also pour in, in that state too and only some few sections will benefit. In another 50 years time voices of resentment will be heard. That state will also get split into i don’t know how many numbers.


Look 16 PA talked about transferring our ancestral lands back to us. Did it happen? Nagas are divided forever. Southern Nagas, Nagaland Nagas, Arunachal Nagas, Assam Nagas and Eastern Nagas (Myanmar). Our leaders who were and are myopic are to be blamed too. Who is gaining out of this? Ask yourselves.


Trust me each Naga tribe will have a State of its own one day. Nagas will be get divided and splintered further and further. One day young so- called educated Nagas will say there never was anything called “Naga.” Naga National Movement will then fade into oblivion. I guess there is something called “Divide and Rule” and India had a tete-a-tete with it under the British.


Let us trust our ancestors who came together and said we “Nagas” have many things in common, let us form “Naga Club” on that fateful day in 1918. Just a reminder that before British came, India was a land of warring kingdoms. It was only when the White people landed on Indian shores, they realized they had something in common too.



Urra Uvie.