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Dmr-Chümou 4-lane: 5.9km done, 7km to go after 20 months

Dmr-Chümou 4-lane: 5.9km done, 7km to go after 20 months

A segment of the Dimapur-Chümoukedima 4-lane highway between 4th and 5th Mile, while laying and curing of concrete was still on to pave the other half of the road. (Morung Photo)


Morung Express News
Dimapur | November 28

Earlier in June this year, The Morung Express, quoting official sources, reported that one side of the Dimapur-Chümoukedima 4-lane highway will be paved by December 2019. As per the latest update, it is not going to be. 

In June, an official of the firm contracted for the project told this newspaper, “We are trying to complete paving one side, starting from Purana Bazaar to Chumoükedima, and make it motorable by December.” 

Five months on, ground excavations continue in the 5th and 7th Mile portions. 

On November 28, the General Manager (GM) of the firm informed that concreting of one lane from Purana Bazaar to the Central Jail junction has been completed. “From Central Jail junction to Green Park, we are trying to complete within a week from now,” the GM added.  

According to the GM, blacktopping of the 2-lane segments has been completed, while 5.9km of the 12.9km 4-lane segment has been paved. 

As per the project specifications, the total length of the road from the New Field Checkpost to Chümoukedima runs 17.3km. Two segments of the total length involve improving the existing 2-lane from New Field Check Post to Purana Bazaar (ZHRC junction) running 2.9km. The other 2-lane segment starting from the NAPTC, Chumoükedima junction to Patkai Bridge stretches 1.5km. The 4-lane segment from Purana Bazaar to Chumoükedima runs a length of 12.9km. 

The Right of Way required was around 24-26m but it was less than 20m at the widest. When complete, each carriageway of the expanded highway will measure 9m in width. 

The original project completion deadline was September 2019 and has now been extended to March 31, 2020. March 2018 was the scheduled start date of the project, worth over Rs. 500cr. The actual ground work began only in August 2018. 

“We are trying our best to complete by March 2020. But it would depend on how quickly roadside communication and power utilities are relocated. Utilities have still to be shifted in the Chumukedima area. Power poles still stand in the carriageway. This is posing a hindrance to us because we cannot use our big machines in that area,” said the GM. 

Utilities need to be relocated in a 3km stretch between 5th Mile and Chümukedima.

Queried when the ground excavations on the 5th Mile-Chümoukedima portion will likely complete, he responded that they are targeting to get the excavations done by the start of January, while laying and curing of concrete will take not less than a month. 

He added, “We have to acknowledge the fact that this year we had an extended monsoon. Till the first week of November, we had rain.” 


Old overbridge
According to the GM, renovating or repairing the old railway overpass was not under the project’s scope of work. While stating that the firm’s job only included blacktopping the deck, he said, “Though this was not under our scope of work, we did a study on the condition of the overpass. We hired experts to conduct tests. We are expecting the report from the experts within 2 weeks. Once we receive that, we will submit the report to the Department (PWD).” 

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