Do we have a Civil Society in Nagaland?

Robert N Solo
T Khel Kohima Village

What are the roles of Civil Societies? Day by day our state is going from bad to worse. Many of our so-called civil societies leaders refused to question the political leadership, as a result, we are just left to suffer. Don’t they have the power to ask why the road is so bad? Don’t they have the power to ask why we don’t find doctors in the hospital? Why there are no teachers in the schools? I think our leaders are sleeping along with the corrupt leaders. I know that widening of road between Kohima and Dimapur is going on but that doesn’t mean there is no fund for renovation for the two-lane road which is the life-line for not only Kohima but for other districts as well as for Manipur state too. I wonder what the Meitei people must be thinking of us. While cutting the four-lane road in between Gauhati and Shillong I travelled there a number of times but never saw such kind of horrible road condition instead they gave their best to provide a smoother road to avoid criticism as they have a thing called “shame” which we the Nagas lack in having it. The other North Eastern states didn’t need so much money like us to build High Court and Stadiums but yet they have completed and above all, they are functioning. I am also sad to see some badminton stadiums built on private land which will be later converted to private properties as there is no proper Mou document for the government to claim it later. In spite of all the wrong things, our leaders are just keeping quiet and watching all the comedies of the state.


I have stopped expecting from Naga Hoho, Naga Mothers Association and Naga Students Federation since long ago and today NTC and ACAUT also facing its natural death after their suicidal attempt by endorsing “solution before election” without explaining to the people and when people asked a question regarding their unusual stand the question became a laughable for the ACAUT as a result, from that day onwards many people like me turn against the very organization which we loved and supported. Unless they make their position clear even if they organize a really or whatever they do I will be the last person to support them though they may not need me or my support to function. My main concern is what also has happened to tribal leaders? Don’t you know that your doctors and teachers are flooded in Kohima and Dimapur? the government is paying them to serve you and if they don’t you have all the rights and powers to question and punish them according to the law. The government has not only provided the manpower but infrastructure including free medicines too so you need to check few things and do something for your people too or else one day you also will face your natural slow death like other above-mentioned organizations.