Do you agree with the Nagaland Chief Minister‘s assertion that a ‘lasting peace’ is needed for all-round development? Why?

Do you agree with the Nagaland Chief Minister‘s assertion that a ‘lasting peace’ is needed for all-round development? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. Without peace, there can never be progress. To establish peace, the Naga Christians should be real Christians who practices Christ’s teaching in offices and not only in the church.


• Yes, he just got up from his lasting sleep that all hype and braying do not go well without peace. Contrary, why? Ooh “talk about peace when Nagaland received best peace AWARD” already.


• The Naga conflict has lingered for decades. It’s time to bring home some meat from central government. People are sick and tired of this conflict that has taken a bloody toll on the Naga people. However, central government should not play with the emotions of Naga people. We are watching closely the ingenuity of GOI and should not backstab the Naga people by giving us unacceptable deal. Our patience is running out and if situations got worse due to GoI insincerity, things will get escalated in Naga region and northeast. I can only appeal to the GoI to tread carefully and respect the genuine Naga cause and bring an honourable solution without which Northeast will not be free from insurgencies.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. Lasting Peace will come about only with the resolution of the Naga political issue. Without this, agreements will not be able to bring lasting peace.


• No, Stop corruption and development will follow…


• No. It requires more than lasting peace. It requires a new system, new leadership and new policies to bring about all round development. With the kind of leaders we have, how do we expect change to come?


• No. ‘Peace for development’ is an old belief or slogan which no longer make any sense in the modern world. The contemporary world demands development as the primary requirement for peace to take roots. In an outright opinion, peace flourishes with the streak of developmental activities on consistent basis. Peace doesn’t come simply out of nowhere but rather as a result of some certain action. When there is development, opportunity is created, when opportunity is created, economy of people increase, when economic condition rises, happiness index increases, when happiness is derived, peace is finally acquired.


• No. I don’t like his role and policies.


• No. He’s not a peace makers, he’s not a leader who has a principle. His outer appearances and the role of the inner mind is totally different. A good Leader should always stand the right and fight for the needs of his own people not for self profit or gained.


• No. We take an in-depth look at some of the important leadership qualities that separate good leaders from a bad one. ** Honesty and Integrity. ** Inspire Others. ** Commitment and Passion. ** Good Communicator. ** Decision-Making Capabilities. ** Accountability. ** Delegation and Empowerment. ** Creativity and Innovation.


• No, it’s just an excuse


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Lasting Peace alone cannot bring all round development as long as corruption in government isn’t checked and corrupted Nagas are sidelined.


• Nobel peace prize is hanging at the summit of the Mt Saramati, literally sounds familiar but practically a long line of steps ahead to climb. Good luck


• The use of Peace has become abusive. The way they define peace is only in the interest of the powerful.