Do you agree with the statement that Centrally Sponsored Schemes like MGNREGs funds are being ‘misuse’ in Nagaland? Why?

Do you agree with the statement that Centrally Sponsored Schemes like MGNREGs funds are being ‘misuse’ in Nagaland? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. The nexus between the Village council members, VDB members and Rural Development officials is the root cause for the misuse of MGNREGs funds. The naive villagers are also to blamed for keeping silent while funds are being siphoned by the crorepati BDOs.


• Yes, misuse is a polite word here, diversion, siphoning, amassing, hoarding, are more appropriate words. Starting from the people on the head to those on the toes are robbing people off of their deserving facilities. Funds end up in buying new cars and building new homes of the people meant to serve the public. Even the labour engaged in developmental works are not paid well thus resulting in poor quality work in every sector of MNREGs scheme. Solution: public needs to oversee the work Bing done to ensure that every penny is used for the right purpose. Youth bodies need to be vigilant and raise questions.


• Yes. Govt officers are the culprits.


• Yes. Have seen sign boards being moved from one place to another, photos don’t match the road where the works get done. underhand dealing by the government employees in payment etc


• Yes. From top to bottom Nagaland is the most corrupted and nepotist state in the northeast.


• Yes. In most of the village they employed machines rather than people. In other word they employed rich rather than poor.




• Yes. Political Issue.


• Yes. VDB secretaries, Village Council Chairmen, computer assistants, technical assistants, BDOs all have profited so much wealth in rural areas.


• YES!!! Full of brokers


• Yes, Project Directors and BDOs of MGNREGS becomes millionaire, I see many of them built palatial building with many SUV cars, their children study abroad and live a luxurious life. Their salaries alone are impossible to have such a comfortable life.


• Yes. Because, the implementing agencies at village level are not properly educated. There’s no mechanism in place for proper verification of work. Names are being randomly entered in the register, sometimes based on favoritism due to political influences, just to avail the fund. Money are drawn without work. Village agencies are asked to sign and give blank cheques by higher authorities to make adjustment for VIPs and officers and thereafter the remaining are given for distribution to the job card holders. Many village leaders are working in conveniences with their higher ups in looting. There seems to be no accountability even after so many complains by the deprived lots. It is also heard that RTI petitioners are bribed. It could be true because we haven’t heard of any MNREGA related case been registered or disposed off with rulings in any court. This fund has been misused in every possible way. It is like a hub of temptation by which almost all people involved are being led to devils garage.


• 1000% From Minister in-charge down to VDB secy. They are surviving because of this MGNREGS fund…


• Yes. It’s the source of income for the HOD’s of the implementing agencies which later on again becomes the only way for the VDB’s for saving some cash for individual benefits. Moreover the funds are not utilized properly by the village elders for the development of the village(s), rather they will share the amounts among the households.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No, not completely. We can see that work is being done in many areas.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Our state Government should also implemented and conduct a social audit for every scheme not just mgnreg than only the reach the targeted beneficiary