Do you agree with the view that learning Hindi will increase job prospects for Nagas?

Do you agree with the view that learning Hindi will increase job prospects for Nagas?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. I would think so because the government is going on an offensive to promote Hindi.


• Yes. Though it is undesirable and dangerous, it is yes because the BJP and RSS design the system of job opportunities in central government only to young job aspirants who are unrolled as BJP members, who profess Hindu religion, who believe in Hindutva ideology and who speak Hindi, though it may not be the written criteria. Either we accept their design or remain jobless. It is interesting but days are numbered for such designs.


• Yes. Because, it will certainly give an edge over other competitors.


• Yes. If you can’t beat them join them.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• Having the knowledge of speaking and writing in Hindi is good for individual advantage. A person with Hindi knowledge will have a slight advantage over the person without Hindi knowledge and that we can know once we go outside Nagaland state. But here I don’t agree that learning Hindi will increase job prospects for Nagas.


• None at all. We need to remember that Hindi is not the only official language. There are many other languages. Hindi is actually spoken only in a few states in north India. It is funny that some of our politicians are saying that we need to learn Hindi to increase job prospects.


• No. We must first learn how to speak our own language. Now that we have a government that promotes Hindu, Hindi and Hindustan they will do everything they can to undermine our own local culture. We must be very alert.


• No. Hindi will not increase job prospects for Nagas. Actually Nagas should learn to speak Chinese to increase job prospects.


• No. This is a stupid idea. The obstacles faced by Nagas in acquiring jobs in mainland India is nothing to do with language deficiency. How many are prospering even without knowing a single Hindi word. On the other hand, how many thousands of young and educated Hindi trained people are staying without job? It is just a move by RSS to brain wash both innocent and ignorant Nagas.


• No… More than that I think we need IT private sector and BPO for our people.


• No. Creation of posts does not exist exclusively for Hindi learners.


• No. Language should not be an issue. It should be about competence. I do not know why some politicians are propagating Hindi as a requirement for jobs.


• No. Learning an international language will be more advantage.


• No. It is good to know languages but it will not increase job prospects for Nagas. Look at south Indians, they do not know Hindi neither are they interested in learning, but they are everywhere doing everything.


• No. Except some northeastern state every Indian knew Hindi. kam nai.


• Absolutely NO! Even people from Hindi belt are learning English due to lack of job prospect!


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• The people of Nagaland voted for BJP and we knew exactly what we were voting for. It comes with the whole package, i.e. Hindi as the official language, the penetration of other religions, reforms of Naga history, politics and culture. We can already see home minister Kiren Rijiju’s attempt in the removal of sovereignty and establishing state building and expansion policies. The spread of Hindu and RSS ideologies will be a common source of references. Expect more building of temples, shrines, idols of deities and gods etc. We already see that in the implementation of the erection of Gaidinliu’s monument and thereby reigniting the Heraka religion. Eating habits have to be compromised such as beef ban. The new social norms and traditions will be based on cast system, dowry, communalism, etc. Just see other parts of Hindi speaking India and you know will know exactly what’s at stake for Nagaland in the future. History will show that the people of Nagaland have sold their votes for meager scruples of money during elections in exchange for everything they owned and cherished.


• Not necessarily… But it will give you confidence


• I don’t think so but su rely if they want to be into liaisoning and marketing sector.


• 50 percent of Indian speaks Hindi. Their job prospects are still 1 percent.