Do you agree with the view that the recent rockslide on National Highway-29 was caused by 'natural calamity'? Give reasons

•    This incident could have been prevented if necessary precautions were taken.

•    Yes m very sure it's a man-made disaster cause prior to 4 lane have never heard of such things as such.

•    It's crystal clear… man-made disaster. Period...No fighting if you're wise enough.

•    Yes... they were in the wrong place at the wrong time...Nature doesn't care about your feelings..

•    The climate crisis has finally come to bite the politicians and corrupt bureaucrats. The lack of maintenance, use of cheap material, and disregard for weatherproofing is what caused the collapse of NH29.

•    I don’t think so because rocks of that size will not just fall down. The improper use of dynamite and the partial removal of the earth which is unstable is one major reason. They should have done more earth cutting against the slope and remove the unstable soil, rocks.

•    Most people can term the rock slide at national highway-29 as natural calamity, but i strongly disagree with it. The reason being that one such incident could have been avoided if the concern authority (NHIDCL) had intervene timely when several organisation from Nagaland as well as Chümoukedima DC had complaint about the fragility of NH 29, its consequences & harm that would have on travelers plying NH 29 route. Such claim of natural calamity can only been seen as 'escaping from responsibility' & not wanting to own up its 'mistake'. Had the NHIDCL looked upon the grievances of public, lives wouldn't have been lost on that faithful evening of July 4 & such incident could have been avoided. One cannot say 'it was bound to happen' when one already knows the fragility of said site. I don’t think the blame solemnly lies on the NHIDCL authority, concern contractors or the company taking up the project, but the blame goes to the government of Nagaland as well, for not looking up into the matter & not intervening timely. If we look into the highway of Shillong or Assam or other state, we can find the safety measures taken up to avoid such incident that took place in Nagaland. Had the NHIDCL taken the same measures in Nagaland highways, July 4 incident could have been avoided & no lives would have been lost. With regard to that I strongly disagree terming July 4 rockslide as 'natural calamity', more or less it can be termed as 'manmade disaster'.

•    The road widening was not done properly to ensure landslides will not happen.

•    Due to use of explosives resulting in cracks which in long term are bound to fall.

•    Due to NH29 expansion work, the surrounding area has become unstable and was not reinforced as it should have been after the first landslide and rockfall.

•    Irresponsible Engineering

•    It is a man-made calamity.

•    It was man-made disaster (accompanied with rainfall, loosening the earth) , however the roads had to be made and NHIDCL had to do what it had to do, it’s not something which could have been prevented as it’s not possible to remove all the mountain. I believe it is something that will happen again only solution is to cut the mountain or else it is what it is. All these slope cutting and iron rails is not enough to hold the whole mountain.

•    Partially agree. While technical miscalculations has contributed its own factor, one feels that a fool-proof safety system is not always possible nor is any such technology available on earth in the battle against the unpredictable forces of nature, this rockslide being no exception. Any organization therefore, be it technical (NHIDCL) or administrative (GoN), cannot be squarely blamed for the recent rockslide disaster at NH29 much as we lament its occurrence. The incessant rains in past 2 weeks or so, prior to the tragedy, triggered the slide which by itself was waiting to happen given the terrain, its composition and its history of unpredictable notoriety best signified by its ancient name "paglapahar" (the mad hill"?).

•    How can that be!!! It's purely man-made and dereliction.

•    Disturbed the whole Jones of pagla pahad by using heavy machinery for road construction in the name of so called development.

•    Is that even a question... No it was human made cause...!

•    No half of the construction money has been misused by Nagaland Government that’s why we are facing this

•    Right now is not the time to indulge in blame game. If the state government is serious they should constitute an enquiry committee to look into the matter. This is a serious issue.

•    It is not so simple because even though it was raining, it does not mean that the rockslide was caused by natural calamity. This requires forensic investigation. Questions around quality of engineering and workmanship has been raised.

•    The rockslide is a wake-up call for the state government, the concerned company and the PWD department. Two precious lives have been lost. Even though there were many indicators of concern the concerned department did not act upon it. Also the department officials have to keep doing regular inspection to check the quality of work and to see that the work is being done according to the DPR.

•    Roadside cutting should be step-step not straight... It can protect from rockslide or landslide..!

•    Negligence on the part of authorities concerned.

•    "Faster, easier, less money", we Nagas will never change. If it's done it's done, no maintenance no inspection. Kam kotum boisa kotum... bye bye