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Do you believe that Nagaland is the ‘corruption capital’ of India?

Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:
•    It is the best question i have ever heard ...Nagaland beats all in that category.
•    The actual amount of misappropriations may not be as high as some other larger states. But when you consider the percentage of funds that actually gets utilized for their designated purpose, Nagaland will quite easily be the most corrupt state.
•    Yes, at least in other places, the people are fighting back against corruption. But I agree that Nagaland is the corruption capital of Nagaland because the corrupt they are getting away with it. IN fact those who are the most corrupted get front row seats in the church, the media covers their every move and the people cannot say a word against them.
•    The Ex-CM of Jharkhand & Karnataka are cooling their heels in Jail. Who's next?
•    When a city does not look like a city due to poor Public Facilities, we know corruptions are taking place.
•    Hopeless and shameless ministers... they r the root cause. Public laga poisa chor kuri ke na iman putani para birai ase.
•    Nagaland is the worse state capital involving in corruption. As in concern with the current situation, we had enough to witness and lots to say. Nagaland itself is unique but some VVIPS are also very unique..meant what I say..(corrupted)
•    Absolutely...where do you think our Ministers and bureaucrats are amassing wealth? Centre Govt isnt issuing grants to their families/friends. They think this grants are for them to use. All the corruption starts with the.
•    Cause without corruption nothing can be achieved. we need an anna wave in our state.
•    The reason is the Ministers/top-shot officials and our beloved Undergrounds...All will be well if they change themselves. Till then, Nagaland will be the most corrupted for another 20-30 yrs running.
•    Yes, organised looting of public money by the Ministers, MLAs and govt servants is going on unabated in Nagaland.
•    yea very true, why because nothing is impossible in Nagaland if you have money...
•    Top to bottom without oiling nothing moves
•    yes..Nagaland is goin from bad to worst...i thot we were proud people who always said Nagaland for Christ but m ashamed..we Nagas have lost our identity..we haf become like this narrow minded people around us.. sad really sad...
•    Yes, I hate Nagaland
•    i agree. We are addicted to it that we are blinded from recognizing it. Bad roads, electricity, unplanned sewer drains, half done govt projects etc along with palatial buildings, SUVs, foreign trips, expensive parties and clothes without any source of income are all signs of corruptions.
•    Lack of law enforcement in nagaland.
•    Yes, just look at how rampant it is. There is just no second thought. For a state that professes to be a Christian state, Nagaland has come out to be a shame for all Christians. It is hypocritical to contradict your own Christian teaching.
•    From my understanding 101% in all aspects, Nagaland is the true no 1 corrupt capital empire of India under the DAN govt. And it has become a scope for those with theft mindset. Where else in other parts of India though corruption exists, economic and infrastructural development grows everyday generating huge revenue. Where we (Nagaland) are no exception. My point to you “Mr Ministers” If you want to steal money, send your kids to foreign countries for studies, purchase properties, travel during big events such as world cup, and for shopping. Then I suggest you should have all appeared for the MBA exams and become an aspiring rich industrialist or a rich businessman as this only serves the place for a self centred individualistic mindset, who only think of personal gains and making profits, as you are. So when will you all change your mind and expand your world. “Shame on you all.”
•    Its not just about how many people are corrupted, but its how the corruption is taking place and how it erodes the very values and principles of a society. Just look at Nagaland, even to get a form in a govt office, unless you bribe a guy, there is no way of getting the form. How many politicians and bureaucrats and govt employees have been penalized for corruption? None. Corruption is destroying the people of Nagaland. It’s a shame that we call ourselves a Christian state. God help us!
•    Just one look at the cars that politicians, bureaucrats and their children will tell you that there is a racket of corruption going on. The scale of corruption may not be as big as other states, but we need to look at it in proportion to the population and the amount of funds given by Delhi. When we do that, than I bet you, everyone will agree that Nagaland is the corruption capital of India.
•    These bustards think its an honour to steal. They take pride in it. They differentiate between stealing and corruption. But these fools do not know that there is no distinction between them and the common thief. One one hand, these babus steal while on the other hand their Mrs. pray and fast the whole day so that our underground brothers will not issue love letters to their husbands. And, of course, the faithful mrs. will always take the help of a prophet, who can foresee the not so- roseful future and accordingly guide them. But it has been written that at end times, many false prophets will mushroom. Yes, the devil himself will be their guide.
•    look at politician in nagaland n a buracrate they r millionar nw. If u ve 30lakhs u can b a gazt ofcr qualification n capability doesn’t matter at all. Its not a capital of corpt. Bt heaven of corruption.
•    only a fool wont notice whats happening in nagaland.2%to 3% are living the "american dream" if i may at the expense of the poor people. and the messed up part is people seem to be ok with it...i say, there should be a different format o democracy or it will be the same which Govt. comes. people wake up like the rest of the  world.
•    Oooooh! 100% from top to bottom. Actually its 50% public fault and 50% people in the government. Its getting worse by the day. Nagaland for Christ? Nagaland for corruption man
•    It is not only the corruption capital but also the breeding and training capital of corruption. A few years ago, a young greenhorn EAC was seen collecting Rs.10/ each from the poor bihari labourers to get their innerline permits stamped. I don't blame him cos he has simply inherited his father's DNA profiles.
• every one can see that how they are getting rich did their salary will make them that much rich their one month salary is one of their child pocket money for one month

Some of those who voted NO  had this to say:
• Nagaland is not the Corruption capital of India!! yaar!!. Nagaland is only an obedient, active SON of the Corruption Capital, Father New Delhi!!. However if we go at this rate, the father may abdicate the throne and hand over the crown to his SON!!!
• No. Hi Faleiro, don’t call our Nagaland state corruption capital of India. We are backward but we nagas are not a fool like you. Why more than 50% of our people are living below the poverty line, this only because of the Indian government given step motherly treatment to our state. You know after we got out state more than 50 years there is only one national highway, no industry, no medical college, no engineering college and also no railway, no airline at our state capital, etc.
•    NO, because we only have political corruption. some other states have all kinds of thinkable corruption. but i feel that nagaland is also going to be counted as one, we see it clearly in the present context.
•    Once upon a time, Nagaland was one of the most peaceful state, but now it has turned to be one of the most corrupted state among many other states, but still then it cannot be called the 'corruption capital', as the situation as compared to other states, it is not corrupted as others.
•    No! How can we believe that, we have seen hundred and hundreds of new government buildings and thousand km new roads, also thousand, thousand new vehicles on our road.
•    No, Manipur is.
•    No. Accepted that most of us Nagas are corrupt but not as corrupted as our ‘teachers’ from mainland India, so no one has the right to call our land ‘corruption capital.’
•    No... as corrupt as Nagaland is, fortunately for her there are a few more states that beat her to take over the label. Thank God for small mercies, but then it's nothing to rejoice much about unfortunately..
•    nah.. i think there is too much competition for us to take the top honours.. but we are there somewhere among the top.
•    A patriotic never betrays his/her country, likewise i must say Nagaland is not at all the India's corruption capital. The truth is that Nagaland has corrupted people but that does not mean, these(corrupted) people represent Nagaland alone. India has case of multiple corrupted case as well as corrupted people, now should we say that India is the corruption capital of Asia?

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
• •    Well, if not capital... It must b a winter resort or sumthing!
•    No, India is corrupted as a whole.
•    Comparing 2 other state (NO)..... N 100% (YES) under da banner??? (N-LAND 4 CHRIST) itz a shame!
•    Can't remember which paper but I remember reading an article about Nagaland being the most corrupted state in the world. They based their findings by comparing how many Christians live in such states. (A newspaper abroad)
•    A quote made by Mr Luizenho faleiro who is the general secretary of AICC,is only doing his job, and nothing else. According to 'Churumuri' quoted by NDTV as one of india's most popular blog. The latest survey conducted by them as on 9th aug 2011 India's most corrupt state karnataka takes the lead, followed by andhra pradesh. Nagaland does not even come in the list of top ten corrupt states in india. Corruption is in every state and every country, the degree though may vary,and just because congress is not the ruling party in Nagaland, its not fair on Mr luizenho faleiro to remarked like that. Its all politics. Am not a big fan of the government led by Mr Neiphiu Rio but atleast he is opening resorts, which encourages tourists to come to nagaland because of the accommodation facilities. We have a God gifted land, but unless good accommodations are available, tourist would be discouraged to come. I would like to also add that through these resorts though privately owned by our Cm it is providing employment. Every educated person in nagaland cannot get government jobs, because we do not have that much of vacancies. So i say yet again, that Mr Luizenho is just doing his job as a general secretary of AICC. Its all politics..
•    Its the least developed state in NE India. If you go by the % of funds siphoned off from the government budget, it could be so. It is not just because Mr. whatever of AICC said so, but our bad roads, water supply systems, outdated power supply equipments and leaking transformers, backdoor appointments, broken down govt. school buildings and PHCs, and so on, says so.
•    Nagaland is definitely one of the most corrupted states in India.
•    ‘Corruption Capital of India’ seems to be too nice a words for the state of Nagaland. It should be called ‘Capital of Day light Looting’ with total system breakdown and paradise for the hypocrites.