Do you support the High level Naga Reconciliation meet among Naga political groups?

Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:
•    Yes, this is the only way for the reconciliation process to move forward. The last 3 years have seen some unimaginable changes because of the reconciliation process, but to bring a reconciliation agreement, they have all said that the highest level meeting is a must. So what are the top leaders waiting for? I hope they are not expecting a red carpet. I hope they realize that most Nagas want them to reconcile so that a political solution can happen.
•    any reconciliation meet should be supported…
•    Yes, there is no need to delay this further. The Naga people want reconciliation, because no one single group can bring solution. The time has come for the top leaders to hammer out an agreement.
•    When we take bath we nevr start from our toe, but we start from our head…
•    They should either reconcile and think for the better future of the future Nagas or leave the Nationalism forever before another group is breeded. 60 years is a long year.
•    Need to think and bring solution
•    All we can do is support and more support. I pray and hope for the truth and dedication in their reconciliation. I hope they don’t let us down and make our support go in vain. Once this reconciliation go haywire, people will start mocking at the process of reconciliation. It will be a shame for the naga’s to the world. Failing to reconcile is an ingredients of total disintegrity and selfish minded naga’s un ready to forgive and forget and a big disgrace being a Christian. If it fails, I wonder, what  will be the reaction of God, after all the years of fasting and prayers  dedicated for reconciliation. For God sake, make this reconciliation happen and live a peaceful life in the glory of God.
•    i don`t like family member fighting each other and I don`t like gun culture.
•    yes, reconciliation in any form is a noble gesture.
•    Because this will only bring RECONCILIATION and unity in Nagas.
•    Yes. How long can Nagas go on like this? This reconciliation process may be the last chance the Naga public are giving to the National Workers to get their act together. The National Workers despite their personal sacrifices have made a mess out of the Naga national cause. Today many of those joining the movement are doing it out of their own selfish reason rather than the rights of the Naga cause. The factional fighting has brought shame to the Naga movement. No one Naga faction can claim to be right because all of them have fallen short and have only humiliated the Nagas. It is time now to put aside their petty personal differences and patch up for the sake of the Naga cause. The Naga public are really tired of this factionalism. This is the best chance, which Naga leader does not want true reconciliation. The Naga public are doing to have the final say is the top leaders fail to reconcile.
•    No one Naga faction is above the Naga national cause for freedom. The Naga factions have to listen to the Naga public.
•    There’s no other way!!
•    Yes, the need for reconciliation is being felt now more than ever before. Reconciliation is no longer just a demand, it has become a peoples movement and if the top leaders are claiming to be representing the people than, they have to listen to the peoples call for reconciliation. There is no longer any space for hanky panky. Nagas are serious and they want reconciliation.
•    Yes, 100% support. Physically, morally, mentally, spiritually, etc I support. Reconciliation should not be confined to a particular group or people. It is inclusive. Young and old, men and women. We all should support. Let us come together under this umbrella.
•    It’s the only way to bring political solution in Naga’s issue.
•    Peace can come to our land only when we readily forgive and forget all the wrongs that we have committed against each other. True Christ-like forgiveness and reconciliation is the only way out for our Nation’s healing and peace which we have deprived off for too long because of our pride and stubborn hearts.We must all strive to be a part of this process, not only the Political groups as all sections of our Society has been deeply affected.  Some of those who voted NO  had this to say:
•    Wat about low level? Wat do those high level people living in foreign countries at the expense of the extorted money from nagas care? I suggest it should be Naga public to decide our own future and not the outsiders.
•    Generally I think a lot of Nagas have just stopped caring for the Naga cause. Most people are just thinking about their own interest and survival.
•    No, I don’t support this so called reconciliation meetings. I think it’s a waste of time and money, which rightful belongs to the people and should be used for the people not for some already FAT politicians…..
• No, in politics reconciliation is a surrender to compromise our principle. Its suicide and immature death.
•    They are not our leaders in the sense that they were not elected to their current status by the people.
• Can they be trusted? When they are not even willing to respect the views and sentiments of the Naga public, how do you think they will even listen to each other. Naga politics is full of treachery, personal interest and individual power. This is now the time for Nagas to put their collective interest over and above individual factional interest.  
Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    The reconciliation process has moved thus far and people are genuinely happy to see that factional violence has stopped. But they are also all aware that the reconciliation process must be bought to its logical conclusion. The highest level meeting is important because the leaders must show their qualities and commitment to reconciliation. I dont know why they are taking so long. If they continue to delay in this manner, Naga people will forsake them.
•    It was during their time that factional clashes started and many Nagas have died in the hands of their own Nagas. The top leaders are all old now and before the end of their time they have a moral responsibility to reconcile with each other. They cannot and must not let the infighting be passed on to another generation, they must solve the problem during their lifetime itself. We don’t know what kind of political solution the Nagas can bring, but reconciliation among the Nagas will only strengthen the Naga negotiating position. The top leaders must meet at the earliest, if not the Indian government and agencies and vested Naga leaders will try their best to derail the reconciliation process. This is the best opportunity for the Nagas to reconcile and it has the mandate of the people.
•    Reconciliation meeting among top leaders is a must because ultimately they are the ones who will decide and make the final agreement for reconciliation. In the meantime it is the also prudent if the lower and mid-level cadres and officials of the Naga factions meet. Most of the recent problems have been caused by the lower and middle ranking officials. They may not the decision makers but these are the ones that have control over small areas and can sway public sentiments. So I hope something is also done at this level because let us accept the truth that the top leaders have lost control over these low and middle ranking officials.

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