Do you support the Nagaland State Government’s decision to introduce ‘‘Mini-Hornbill Festivals’’ in all the districts? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes, it gives others a chance to earn income, and why should everything be in one town, while neglecting many others?

• Yes. The richness of every district can be witnessed in its purest form when observed and not displayed. This will not just be a step towards revenue generation but act as a motivation to the denizens of every district, to maintain hygienic lifestyle and develop in small and elemental ways.

• Say yes if you want to travel in a good road for two months in your town.

• Yes, on an anticipatory context. And this is why. First and foremost, the mini-hornbill’s roster envisions a round-the-year conduct of district-wise celebration of festivals, and so, it can be hoped to create a sustainable means of livelihood by providing income-generating opportunities for the local entrepreneurs and artists throughout the year. Secondly, it has the potential to foster healthy inter-tribal as well as intra-tribal relationship in the state. Tribal festivals were hitherto celebrated in a fragmented manner (even within a tribe) whereby these festivals were celebrated on many levels viz colony-level, village-level, clan-level etc and seldom organised on a district-level. As such celebration of tribal festivals on a district level would not only foster healthy intra-tribal bonds but also forge strong inter-tribal bonds, as the program also envisages inviting cultural troupes from neighbouring tribes. This can go a long way in strengthening the “Naga” identity.

• Yes, but it should be of very short duration (regulated) with least expenditure from the government’s coffer… To be precise on the flip side, it’s not the right time for Nagas to introduce more festivals when we’ve enough on our lists! A personal opinion, it will be better to implement austerity measures on unnecessary, expensive expenditures incurred by the government… That aside, help the poor and needy as well as bring more visible changes through transparency in implementation of works. It has been more than common for years that those who work aren’t getting their due share while the rich and the elite sit back, order and pocket the lion’s share through that practice called corruption!


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No! We want development not entertainment and merry making.

• Big no, government decision to introduce ‘‘Mini-Hornbill Festivals’ ‘ in all the districts is just for manufacturing consents and creating false consciousness among the Naga public. The reason is, except very few, most of the Nagas are showing their resentment, anger, frustration due to all the evils flooding in Naga society through ‘This mother of all festivals/immorality.’ So this proposal for ‘Mini-Hornbill Festivals’ by the present leadership is just to justify their past decision. Very sad move…

• No. Instead of spending money on Hornbill Festival, it’ll be better if they’d give development.

• No. This is a repackaged infamous ‘Road Show’ in the guise of Mini-Hornbill festival.

• Mini-Hornbill should not be introduced to Naga Christian society. Obviously, we are not idol worshipper within Nagaland state.

• No. It’s wastage of a state economy and precious time.

• The change is coming… mini hornbill is for development or of extra expenditure? We don’t need picnic spot in 11 districts… A Big No.

• No. Because it is like District wise pocket money for the “Haves” and debt money for the “Have-nots.”

• No. We need good roads, good Medical and educational facilities.

• No! Stop fooling Naga people.

• No. Let’s call ‘Mr. N Rio as Mr. Festival.’

• No! Better to celebrate the festivals only after we attain positive state’s economy with modern infrastructure and all basic round development.

• No. It’s all about expenditure again and the repetition of “Road Show”. Instead of organizing mini hornbill why not divert the funds for development of Nagaland?

• No… Rather develop Nagaland.

• Another Road Show again? No way, we need development not entertainment.

• No… Get ready for overdose déjà vu of the elite eroding morality, sidelining the actual show of our rich tradition!

• No. There are atleast 1-2 major tribes’ festivals every month! So basically, the Nagaland government and the Dept of Tourism will be a Travelling Caravan, hopping from one district to another every month (all year round)! I hope they have taken this into consideration. Hornbill whether it’s major or mini comes at a cost. Each tribe will try to outdo one another in terms of grandeur, pomp and show. Let the tribes celebrate their own festival in their own unique fitting way instead of infusing “Hornbill” in them.

• No! Not until infrastructure is set first! We need to set proper policies in first before introducing this now! Safety and non exploitation being top priority! Long term, it is a good idea… But just not for a couple more years! The problem with Government of Nagaland is that they have a ‘Eureka’ moment and just bungle in without proper planning, that’s why everything becomes a hodge podge carnival!

• Basically ‘No’ for it. Because, in the case of our district (Tuensang) road developments is the need of an hour duly considering as been one of the oldest & pioneer Headquarters of Naga Hills. Organizing & manifesting festivals have been always possible whether any political groups or even for that matter government exist or not! This (my view) may contradict in some aspects, as for the account sake “the cultural land & still the largest district of the state.”

• Waste of money. Firstly do the National Highway job…And improve City, town roads…Don’t only celebrate festivals.

• Why waste money, build more roads, hospitals etc.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Mr Chief Minister, if the Mini-Hornbill along with The Hornbill Festival is held, this will mean that there will be a festival every month. So when will some actual real work be done. The administration will be planning for the Mini-Hornbill and all energy, resources and focus will be diverted away from the real issues of development to the organizing the mini-Hornbill festival. I think not enough thinking was done while making this decision. This decision was done to win the public mind and not in terms of actual policy making. This will backfire just like the Road Shows.

• Only Rio can come up with hornbill related development. Where is real development, where is it coming?

• Massive Cultural Revolution in the last 15 years of DAN Government, the state produced many talented people in varied arts. While there is no wrong in it, let’s get down to work first and do the fun things later on. What is there in “change is coming”? Is it not, “old is gold”?

• If it is helpful at the same time of the year I will vote for it. If not, it’s total waste of resources specially finance.

• Mini hornbill is just a synonym of Road Show, at the end of the day to name a few ‘Mongmong’ can’t be called mini hornbill, Sekrenyi can’t be called mini hornbill, Tuluni can’t be called mini hornbill, Tokhu Emong can’t be called mini hornbill or to say Indira Gandhi stadium can’t be called T. Ao stadium. Well in my opinion if our state government in real spirit wanted to promote hornbill in a balance way then it should organise in all 11 districts year wise to bring all Nagas closer. It will not only bring closer our brother-sisterhood but in the name of hornbill the host district will be developed automatically in all spheres. If ever this happened then our Nagaland will be wonderful state well developed in 11 years time.

• If all the roads that lead to districts headquarters are pliable then that’s Ok. If not let us construct the road first.

• Better start with mini Road work contraction (Colony kan laga), then mini hornbill. Spend money in a way where see we “Change is coming”.

• I remember some few years ago when majority of the say emphasized that hornbill festival should not be confined to Kohima alone. Now when a small initiative towards that is activated, is it not too early to make conclusions? Our rural society is still very new or almost virgin to tourism which entails hospitality and management and many more. Not just international or national tourist but more so of local tourist quantity will obviously be higher in such upcoming events. I’m positive we will learn along the way. We need not give expectations to outsiders of any luxury of five of three star hotels because we don’t have that. What we have is but a simple people with a strong tradition and culture. And many things you know better. Even as our government starts this concept, I feel, our rural lot on their own way can capitalize on this in a big way.