Do you think that the Nagaland State can be developed through the power of entrepreneurs? Why?

Do you think that the Nagaland State can be developed through the power of entrepreneurs? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes, but when entrepreneurs are not free from political masters as we see now, dilution will be there and the spirit of hard work, equality among equals etc will go, people will think when they are able to carry a bag-filled money over night, why not we, “Nagas are Christians, we must pray to God to eradicates those heroes” so that changes, developments will come our society.”

• Yes, development of entrepreneurship have a significant roles in developing a state as it helps in reducing unemployment by creating job opportunities, it helps a state to collect more revenue and so on. Citing an example of Tata or Reliance Company, they are helping our economy.

• More job creations. Citizen’s who are pro-active leaving no room for mediocrity with the core values of Integrity, hardwork etc. For any Society to progress it is very essential that each and every individual play’s fair. Ethical values have to be inculcated and nurtured.

• Nagaland has huge scope that has not been taped. As our state is heavily dependent on agricultural products and majority of the people lives in rural areas, it has huge potential to unleash generation to produce and export the organic product of the states. The culture of enterprises among the Naga do possess but the state should assist the farmers. The state needs to streamline on where we should focus and provide a platform to sell and earn revenue. The sad part is that, Naga people are dependent on the outside market to feed themselves which is directly affecting the capital circulation and wealth of the people. We need to replace the reliance on the outsiders and build our own future when we have so much potential. The scope of entrepreneur in Nagaland is limited to some extent because of the lack of infrastructure and no platform to where they can thrive.

• Nagaland is a state in serious need of reforms and development. This is only possible if petty politics and mass corruption is done away with and the citizens ask for Education and Industries for progress and employment. For the nation to develop as a whole this beautiful Indian state must also focus on peace, infrastructure, education and industrial investment. This is possible by inviting the best entrepreneurs from the rest of the country and having a detailed scientific review and assessment done for Strength, Weakness and opportunities.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. So far we have not really felt the true power of entrepreneurs. So long as our economy is based on government jobs and business through government contracts, it will take some time before real entrepreneurship emerges.

• “Power of entrepreneurs,” Wow! Nah we will need more than just “powers” to develop this godforsaken land.

• No. It cannot. For entrepreneurs to flourish it requires conducive atmosphere. Entrepreneurship is a symptom of a healthy environment.

• No. I don’t think there are actually many real entrepreneurs in Nagaland. We have many politicians and bureaucrats kids who have taken to business. But they are far from what can be called entrepreneurs.

• No. It needs visionaries for real change to come to Nagaland.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• It’s too early to comment on this very important issue. The concept of informed entrepreneurs is only beginning to take shape now.

• Others. Nagaland doesn’t need anything else unless unison political settlement takes place. So everything can be done only after the political settlement.