Does the Forest (Conservation) Amendment Act, 2023, bode well for Nagaland? Specify reasons.

•    There are various problems within the state which need urgent attention. Using resources to tackle those problems is need of the hour.

•    Don't do it

•    Deficit state

•    Article 371A give us freedom of choice according to our customary law.

•    This is so big a development for the whole country but it should be done so in accordance to the citizens needs and interests and not as an imposition. This Act is more of an imposition or a forceful encroachment as we the Naga people as a whole does not approve this Act.

•    No, it does not bode well for Nagaland. The Forest Act will destroy the community owned forests in Nagaland. The government should be aware that the land ownership pattern is different in Nagaland. The government of Nagaland must protect the interests of the people.

•    It is surprising that the Nagaland CM said that the Forest Act will be good for the state. This is not correct. In fact it is in the contrary. Forests in Nagaland are owned by the community and the people depend upon it. These laws do not respect the dignity of the people nor of the forests.

•    No, not at all. It will infringe the community ownership of forests in Nagaland. This will be detrimental to the people.

•    Constitutional Special provisions and Landholding Rights and Patterns becomes an obstacle in real implementation of the act

•    No, states like Nagaland should be exempted from this Act which goes against the spirit of community forests.

•    No. The state government should oppose it.

•    No. This Forest Act is detrimental for tribal people.

•    No, it is not good for the community as a whole.

•    Land and forest are intrinsic to the existence of tribal.

•    It is too early to say of whether the amendment act is good or otherwise because firstly the infrastructure can help connect remote villages. Secondly it would foster economic growth through exo tourism, creation of zoos (this is a debatable one). Help frontliners in the event of forest fire by ensuring better access and finally the most important reason of national security, counter territorial land grab by neighbouring countries, warding off illicit drug trafficking, terrorism, illegal poaching etc. However forest in NE is delicate in the sense that there is a symbiotic relation of people's life, emotions and culture is deeply connected to the natural forest that they have lived on for centuries. And much of their livelihoods are also dependent on forest produce. Therefore due care must be taken when considering for development works. Also the holy article 371A of the Nagas for customary rights over land and resources of Nagaland cannot be breached without coming to a consensus with various CSO of Nagaland. Jai Hind. Moi Sundar manu ase.