Does the presentation of the State Budget matter to you?

Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:
•    All those who care and want Nagaland state to develop must keep a close watch on the budget because the quality of the budget will determine how the development policy will be approached. We all want development in our state but we don’t care too much for the budget and this is the problem. We need to participate in budget discussions and keep the government to its budget policies so that Nagaland develops and uplifts every man and woman in Nagaland.
•    The state budget is really an important document for the people. Every year the people can judge the performance of the government by comparing the ground realities to the budget. But in a state like Nagaland where the rich and powerful get away with every crime, corruption, nepotism and every single wrong in the book, the people are a disillusioned lot. Still then the budget matters because it affects my life style.
•    it will show how much we nagas are corrupted. Budget is presented every year but no development. Our revenue is minimal or insignificant, there is no increase in internal revenue generation inspite of many attractive projects and schemes for economic development. Iam interested to know what this year budget will be.
•    Yes it matters to me because it will affect my life for the next one year and maybe even more than that. Unfortunately I am never consulted about what my requirements and needs are. In fact every year we hear about the budget session but we do not know what the budget really says about how it will improve my life.
•    People of our state have to know what our government is upto.
•    It should matter to every responsible citizen. The budget is a good way to check and balance the government and to see whether the government is functioning or not. For the state government to be held accountable to their budget, we need an informed public, which is lacking in Nagaland and this is where the politicians and bureaucrats take the people for a ride.   

Some of those who voted NO  had this to say:
•    Not at all. When the Nagaland government is not reflecting the real sentiments of the people in their budget why should I be interested in it. It’s the same old story repeating itself.
•    You must be kidding me. The government year after years reads out lengthy pages of the budget, but just look at the state of our affairs. Its pathetic.
•    No, the budget is only a cover up plan for corruption as far as state of Nagaland is concerned, unlike the country’s budget which has impact on the common man. Fat budget, fat cuts. Its frustrating, its boring, its non-transparent and will help make the rich richer.
•    coz im not going to get anything. Its just a wealth  distribution for the politicians, bureaucrats, directors and contractors. The public does not benefit much from the budget
•    all the leader are lier they are not working for the better of people they are working only for money so that they will become rich in overnight
• It does not make Nagaland any better but the corrupt (you know whom I mean) more corrupt be it underground overground or surface ground.
• Presumption budget without really cash balance make more negative impact for the state to grow.
• whatever they make a budget its for them only not for public
• When has the government ever turned to the people for their opinion and suggestion while drawing up the budget, NEVER in the history of Nagaland state. The state government always makes sure that the people are never involved in this area of governance.    
Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    State Budget…though does matter 2 me but it is beside the point. The bottom line is that unless it trickles down and reaches every segment of our social strata, non 2 mention every aam aami who needed the most, then it will be no better than a routine statistical exercise on an annual basis. The govt needs 2pay more attention 2 education, infrastructures and agriculture sectors which are the fundamental backbone of all growths and productivities. Being a landlocked state with dependent economic living on a beggar’s dole and the people inspite of great potential and adequate natural resources are by and large not economically productive and innovatively dormant, the govt brainbox ought 2 know how best 2 harness the aforesaid potentials and resources for the real progress and prosperity of the state and its people, as it isn’t in the interest of any right thinking Naga to let this status quo running round in circles without breaking through.
• Its funny to be talking about the budget because I think even our own state government does not really know how to prepare a real budget. They get these over paid non-nagas and outsiders from other places to put together a cosmetic budget which looks good on the surface, nothing more.
•    The govt should first consult the people before it places the budget in the assembly. For goodness sake, most people dont even know what the budget of the govt is. I wont be surprised if the whole budget is in the knowledge only of the person who drafts it.
•    For a poor state like Nagaland whose economy is very dependent on the center, I don’t think the government can do much with the budget. I wont be surprised that the state budget is mostly tailor made in the center.
•    The Naga people should demand that the government send its officials to every single village, town and city in Nagaland to consult with the people on what should be the priority of the government for the next financial year. If the government is serious and implements this in practice, I assure you the budget will be quite different from previous years.