Dog pound to start functioning in Kohima

Kohima, September 8 (MExN): In pursuance of Nagaland Municipal Act, 2001 and in consultation with all ward chairmen under Kohima municipality, the KMC’s dog pound will start functioning from September 11.


In this regard, KMC Administrator Kethosituo Sekhose has notified in a press release that all dog/pet owners are required to confine their dogs/pets in their compound at all times. However, if a dog is to be taken outside the compound the same has to be taken out on a leash.


Any dog found on the streets in the municipality without a leash and its owner/caretaker will be impounded without any further notice and taken to the KMC dog shelter.


The concerned owner, on production of his/her identity papers (i.e., of the owner), can claim his/her dog if impounded from the dog shelter at KMC Chaii parking located on the way to Science College, Jotsoma next to Ministers Hill Baptist Church.


The maximum period for which a dog will be kept in the KMC shelter is 7 days, including the date of impoundment. Thereafter, the dog will be “disposed-off” by either finding a new owner or be given to animal care clubs/organizations or as deemed fit. An owner cannot lay claim to his or her dog after the expiry of maximum holding period, it was stated.


The following charges will apply for any dog impounded:

  • Penalty of Rs. 1,000 will be charged for first impoundment, Rs. 1,500 for the second impoundment, and Rs. 2,000 for the third impoundment. From the fourth impoundment for a pet belonging to the same owner, the owner will be penalized an additional Rs. 1,000 over and above the third impoundment penalty.
  • Feeding charges per day is fixed at Rs. 200
  • Immunization charges for those dogs where immunization certificate is not produced is fixed at Rs. 200
  • Cleaning and grooming charges Rs. 100
  • Surgical or other medical examination/treatment fees will be as per actual.


Impounded dogs can be claimed from the above dog shelter between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm on any working day.


For any queries regarding the dog pound, the following veterinary assistants may be contacted: Kekhrie Nakhro @9856606128 or Teisovilie Khezie @8731821373.


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