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Life is a voyage wrought with challenges and difficulties. And for those people in need of blood are the voyagers struggling with sorrow (blood) beckoning them to partake it as they sail through the ocean of life. Benito Mussolini said, “Blood alone moves the history of destiny” and it is true that life which depend on blood keeps regulating our day into different hopes which we couldn’t dreamt off.
Before some centuries ago blood problems were rare as man’s curiosity to learn about the world was weak. With the advancing and expanding of human brain, facilities in technology disorder the perfect set of nature and has brought several cases of undesirable disasters to human beings in the form of blood nature.
In the light of the known facts, majority of the blood patients struggles with life either due to shortages of blood or contaminated blood in the body. The most dreaded to life are blood cancers which a patient requires a drainage of blood. Most of the cases arise from middle class and poor families. This class of people can’t afford the cost and eventually leads to sacrifice their precious life. Life is precious; so as the blood. It is all about humanity which is control by blood. Save your humanity by donating blood. A little drop of your blood makes mighty life. Today you donate; tomorrow it will save your life.
For a common saying, “The best way to serve God is to serve Man”, and it is even said that God made man in his own image then why should we unseen at the unkempt and disheveled hair, the grimy face, the greasy hands and the dirty clothes in helping them. In a drastic modernizing global world, the toughest works are done and carried out by the team of voluntary and most of the volunteers are students.
Blood is not water that gushes out from the spring: It’s a life that flows out from humanity. The best way to show your love and appreciation for the people suffering from blood is to voluntarily donate a liter of blood. It is more precious than giving away you costliest material. We have our own blood bank. Let not be a blood banker of self; rather be a cheerful blood donor. Perhaps not you save the world; you can donate your blood for others to save you.
The blood donors should always keep in mind that by donating a drop of blood nothing is lost instead our body regains new blood within a day. One of the most actively voluntarily organization of the students is NSS (National Service Scheme) which is under the direct management of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Govt. of India, through which privileges are enjoys by every volunteers by organizing such as Seminars on, “the importance of donating blood”, “blood camp”, health care service, cleanliness etc.
To the latest knowledge scientific in U.K. have developed an artificial plastic blood, which they claim could act as a substance, easier to store and could be a huge advantages in war zone and it is likely to be used where real blood in not available. While scientists are working hard to help out the blood patient, it is a student’s utmost duty to herald the importance of volunteering blood to the unknown. The students importantly from the youth sections must play a vital role in spreading awareness to ensure life beyond HIV/AIDS, blood cancer. etc.
Human life is tentative and it’s all about living in harmony whether for short or long span which is under the control of reddish blood. Donate your blood to save others life. No blood has different colours. Even black people have red blood. Urge Govt. and Public to set up “voluntary trust hospitals”, which are on “non-profit” basis because such are the only salvation for them. Donate blood to preserve history because “Blood tells us, something we don’t know about history”.
Mughato K Kiba
Student , Kohima