Understanding Dalai Lama

Understanding Dalai Lama

Witoubou Newmai As almost all the stories emanating from the issue of Tibet are also about the binary of the oppressed and the oppressor, struggling peoples around the world continue to keenly observe the issue. After a brief hiatus, serious reports are doing the round in the past two days about the issue even as […]

Reporting theology

Aheli Moitra KH Yahya Cholil Staquf, Secretary General of the Nadhatul Ulama (a Sunni Islam movement that originated in Indonesia in 1926 as a response to the rise of Wahabism in Saudi Arabia and Islamic modernism in Indonesia), is one of the founders of the global movement of Islamic Humanitarianism. The movement seeks to reform […]

‘I am Chowkidar’

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir It is amazing that despite the intricately amorphous nature of Indian politics, it has not failed to keep the masses ‘entertained’ especially during election time, and is never short of unfolding ‘political dramas.’ Coined by Rahul Gandhi in 2015, the “Suit-boot ki sarkar” which was a populist attack on PM Modi for […]

Corruption charge rears its head in Nagaland cricket

Imlisanen Jamir 2018 was a landmark year for the sport of cricket in Nagaland, with the state team making their debut in the Ranji Trophy—India’s premier first class cricket tournament. And while the Nagaland team impressed for a side which was never near the national cricket scene, the optimism that surrounded the Nagaland cricket story […]

To close or not to close

The direction for closure of shops and other business activities in Dimapur on Sundays “to mark the day as Holy” in January by NSCN (IM)’s UT Central Administrative Officer (CAO) has created a raging debate between proponents and opponents of the directive. Last week, six Dimapur-based organisations jointly notified that the business establishments dealing in […]

Solidarity & Reconciliation

Aheli Moitra The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR), at a meeting with Dimapur-based working professionals on March 9, was alert and listening. What could the professionals bring to the Naga Reconciliation Process? How could they contribute? The FNR Convener made it clear that the Naga Reconciliation Process does not belong to the FNR nor to […]

The Other Side of Development Expenditure

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir 1,25,255 Employees on Nagaland Govt Payroll As per the Schedule Indicating the ‘Total Expenditure on Salaries and Allowances’ of the Explanatory Memorandum to the Budget’ (2019-20) a total of 1,25,225 which is 6.32% of the State’s population are currently on the payroll of the Nagaland State Government and it is not surprising […]

Selling empowerment

Imlisanen Jamir Behold! The advertising industry, once bent on selling us sex is now selling us its disgust with sexism. With strong empowering messages, if we take a look at our Instagram feed or any store selling stuff to girls and women, we’d think that these slogans were the key to women finally gaining the […]

Promises, Broken & Kept

1 year of PDA Government in retrospect “Well begun is half-done,” noted Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio in the compendium of ‘One year of People’s Democratic Alliance Government in Nagaland’ sanguinely titled as, Road to Peace, Progress & Development. Incidentally, the compendium highlighting the key initiatives of the government was launched at a private PDA […]

Securing Naga’s societal value

Witoubou Newmai We admit that we have been submerged in the discourse on the Naga political issue ad nauseam over several decades now. The discourses mostly, however, circle around ‘settlement’ or ‘solution’ perspective, and very little on the “Naga value or Naga-ness trivialising trend.” Morally speaking, we continue to harp on the ‘settlement’ or ‘solution’ […]

Understanding, empathy, action

Aheli Moitra Living in the most privileged of Naga areas – in Nagaland State that is—most people can easily get news and information published in a newspaper. With five English dailies and at least four vernacular ones, on any given day, people have access to information from Nagaland State about education tours, farmers training activities, […]

The Conditional Naga Political Solution

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir ‘Final Agreement Could be Signed Tomorrow’ At a time when the pursuit of a ‘Naga Political Solution’ seems to have gained momentum, the Naga Hoho, NMA and NSF boycotted the recent meeting with the GoI Interlocutor questioning the political will and intent of the GoI in prolonging the Indo-Naga peace talk with […]

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