New Politics

The present state of affairs is a clear indication of the crying need for a new politics in our land. The old politics of based on fear, exclusion and ‘the other’ is shredding away the possibilities of a shift in paradigm in how Nagas conduct our human affairs. As long as the old politics continues […]

NE’s Rs 8,000 cr

The allocation for the development of the northeast region has been doubled to Rs 8,000 crore, as per Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s announcement while presenting the Union Budget for fiscal 2011-12. Rs 8000 crore is a big amount although the seven northeastern States may feel that they could have got more given that this amount […]

Naga Women’s Worth

March 8, 2011 was commemorated across the globe as the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day. In Nagaland, several programmes were held to mark the occasion. What was noticeable this year was that several local churches also joined in by conducting special programmes. Today there is greater awareness on the rights and issues concerning women. […]

Overcoming Myths

Human history has shown that it is always the oppressor and the ‘powers that be’ that writes and determines the history of the people they oppress? This trend has tremendously affected the history and identity of many peoples – especially struggling peoples. Such distortion of history and facts only deprives the people of their identity […]

Naga People’s Mandate is for Reconciliation

The overall situation with regard to the ongoing reconciliation process is very fluid and therefore worrisome with the potential danger of things going from bad to worse. It is a decisive stage for the Naga political groups in particular and they must take the right call which is to complete the covenant of reconciliation as […]

Colonial Legacy

On August 15 1942, the then British India government introduced the Armed Forces (Special Power) Ordinance, 1942, which was signed by Linlithgow, Viceroy and Governor General, and GH Spencer, Secretary to the Government of India. The Ordinance gave special powers upon officers above the rank of the captain in the British army and the application […]

Beyond the Status Quo

Culture has to be at the very heart of the peoples struggle for freedom and social change. If the peoples struggle is unable to adequately address and recognize cultural forces or if it bypasses the culture of a peoples in the struggle for change, its strategy for social change would prove to be counter-productive. There […]

Consensus Needed for By-Election

In a welcome development, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has hinted that a consensus could be arrived at for the coming by-election to the 26 Aonglenden Assembly Constituency under Mokokchung district which had fallen vacant following the demise of the sitting Congress MLA Nungshizenba Longkumer in November 2010. While the CM’s comment to the local media, […]

Save Naga Reconciliation

There is concern over the fate of the Naga reconciliation process currently on under the initiative of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR). By what is being put out in the media both by the signatories of the Covenant of Reconciliation and also the FNR, things are obviously not going as expected, although it is […]

Pure & Simple

Proponents of liberal democracy have since the end of the Cold War aggressively purported the dichotomy of Independence into two aspects: Economic Independence and Political Independence. In falsely suggesting that economics and politics are unrelated and by conveniently disregarding all other facets of human life as not having the same importance, it further suggests the […]

Gaddafi Must Go

After days of bloody crackdown on innocent protestors, the international community has finally spoken out in a clear language of condemnation of the Libyan regime headed by Moammar Gaddafi. Although some would call it a delay, nevertheless the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has done the right thing to vote unanimously in imposing military and […]

Check Defection

In a significant court verdict, a full Bench of the Karnataka High Court recently upheld the disqualification of five independents from the State Assembly. It held that the legislators, “by their action”, “formed part” of the Bharatiya Janata Party and consequently their withdrawal of support to the government attracted disqualification. For a State like Nagaland […]