Responsible & accessible tourism

Aheli Moitra Young Indian people today are educated, many have well-paid jobs and are always on the move. Travel is an essential part of the Indian youth life today. Among them, the middle class youth are looking for newer, more enriching, travel experiences that provide relaxation as well as a glimpse into cultures and lives […]

Gogoi’s Letter to PM

Dr. Asangba Tzudir After Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi wrote a letter to PM Modi requesting him to initiate a motion in Parliament for removal of Allahabad High Court’s Justice S N Shukla, on merited charges of serious judicial irregularities, he once again wrote three letters to PM Narendra Modi seeking for an increase in the […]

A potential mental health crisis

Imlisanen Jamir Two disturbing trend lines are currently crossing in the area of mental health care in Nagaland State. One line, tracking demand for such care, is rapidly rising. The other, measuring the number of mental health care providers in practice, is barely holding steady. In a recent report published by The Morung Express, several […]

Unwell and Unemployed?

Is Nagaland the ‘unhealthiest’ among smaller states? Does the state have the highest unemployment rate in India? If one goes by the two recent survey reports, the answers are affirmative and could be considered as a clear signpost for the policymakers and stakeholders to carry out corrective measures and tackle the problem, earnestly and at […]

Sustaining engagement

Witoubou Newmai Given the most favourable and opportune time for the Nagas and the Meiteis to continue engaging with the ‘elephant in the room’, both the groups should take full advantage of the sense of genial atmosphere pervading the landscape without any hesitation. The idea is broached, as one is quite concerned regarding the durability […]

This land is my land

Aheli Moitra A tussle broke out between a Naga and a non Naga autorichsha driver the other day at Nagaland State’s sole airport in Dimapur. They were attempting to compete over who will secure a passenger. Both quoted offensively high prices; the passenger had no option but to choose one. As both put forward their […]

A Relevant Church

Dr. Asangba Tzudir The entire Christendom invoke God’s Kingdom in pronouncing the Lord’s Prayer and which is the meeting point of the believers of Christ in the quest for building God’s kingdom. The challenging question being, ‘in Heaven and on Earth’ and the coming together of communities as believers without ‘borders.’ Currently, division and fragmentation […]

Short funding forest fire management

Imlisanen Jamir The recent report published by ‘Down to Earth’ showing how Nagaland state’s funding for forest fire management has gone down over the years should serve as a cause for concern. This revelation comes even as chances of man-made forest fires are increasing, with the increase of tourist inflow. As much as awareness initiatives […]

Of clogs and bags

In April this year, chairing a review of pre-monsoon preparedness meeting, the State Chief Secretary had urged all the departments to take preventive checks and be prepared for any emergencies as most disasters occur due to excessive rains in the form of landslides and clogged drainages during monsoon. A sort of reality check occurred last […]

A congenial atmosphere

Witoubou Newmai The calm passing off of the ‘June 18’ this year in the State of Manipur was a rare and pleasant departure from the past. Needless to say, this is a clear indicator that all that efforts from various quarters for dialogue between the Meiteis and the Nagas are sensibly yielding fruits and must […]

Delivering Quality Education: Pedagogy and Evaluation II

Dr. Asangba Tzudir Going further, on the aspect of pedagogy and evaluation, is the need to address the problem of imbalance between pedagogy (constructivist) approach and the evaluation method beyond checking of answer scripts. Questions are more important than the answers, and thus the questions that are set to evaluate the students should be able […]

Air conditioning at what cost?

Imlisanen Jamir Air conditioning was a luxury once here not so long ago, but now that’s changed. As prices of AC units dipped and as temperature levels rose simultaneously, Dimapur, alongwith the rest of the world saw a proliferation of ACs. Simply opening the windows and ventilation was not enough now, and the good old […]