Imlisanen Jamir Dependence on a sole state broadband service provider has left a large chunk of Dimapur district disconnected ever since the four lane road development works began on the National Highway since last autumn. If you’re staying anywhere in the outskirts of the few towns in Nagaland state, the only option to experience broadband […]

It’s Lui Ngai Ni!

Witoubou Newmai Today, February 15, is an important day for the southern Nagas as they observe the seed sowing festival, Lui Ngai Ni, on this day each year. Under the banner of the United Naga Council (UNC), the southern Nagas have been celebrating this festival since 1987. This year, the main leg of the festival […]

What goes around comes around

Aheli Moitra New Delhi is currently bedecked in posters ‘welcoming’ West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, to the national capital. “Didi, smile to your heart’s content, you are in a democracy,” read a message in Hindi on one of the hoardings that also featured caricatures of her, put up by an organisation called Youth For […]


Dr. Asangba Tzüdir The Co-ordination Committee of Tribe Hohos, CSO’s, and mass based organizations under the umbrella of Nagaland Gaon Bura Federation (NGBF) has demonstrated against Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016, (CAB hereafter) by imposing bandh all over Nagaland in spite of appeals from the Government of Nagaland to reconsider the shutdown. The public resentment was […]

Sunday closures

Imlisanen Jamir Many of us are probably familiar with waking up on a Sunday morning to an empty fridge and not being able to buy food because all the grocery stores are closed; or being stuck for the weekend at home with no place to go for a bit of down time. While Sunday shop […]

Future-proof the students

Altogether 56,036 students from Nagaland will be appearing for the Class X, Class XI Promotion and Class XII commencing from February 12 and 13 respectively, an increase by over 1300 candidates from last year. The annual exam conducted by the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) can be taken as a realistic yardstick on how […]

On Sedition case

Witoubou Newmai As there have been upswings in the number of sedition cases in India in recent times, it is not anymore alright to ‘express’ or ‘condemn’ and yet remain alright. To what end, we really are not sure at the moment, as there are already clear symptoms of the “method in the madness” out […]

Building democratic space

Aheli Moitra ‘Equality is not something you aspire to; it is the ground on which you walk’ The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) made an exemplary statement during its 82nd Annual Council held from February 1-3, 2019, at the NBCC Convention Centre in Kohima. In a list of resolutions made at its Council, it called […]

Paper tiger syndrome

On paper, the State Government of Nagaland has passed ‘stringent’ laws and regulations banning and prohibiting activities or items, either found detrimental to public welfare or for the sake of transparency and good governance. The most cited ‘Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act, 1989’ and the failure either to stop the flow and the smokescreen reality […]

The Young India Voice

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir For Affordable Education and Employment The “Young India” has organised a ‘Young India Adhikar March’ on February 7, 2019 from Lal Qila to Parliament Street with a serious intention to come together and present their Charter to the people with the understanding that everyone has a stake on the future of the […]

Now make sure the Lokayukta works

Imlisanen Jamir On February 2, the Nagaland State Governor appointed Justice Uma Nath Singh as the Lokayukta for the state, paving the way for eventual implementation of the Nagaland Lokayukta Act, 2017. Justice Singh will hold the office for a term of five years from which he enters upon his office or till he attains […]

Manipur: A lab for many study groups

Witoubou Newmai All rave reviews have to say about Manipur situations are that, they continue to remain an oasis of interest amidst the chaos. Even as cataclysmic events are shaping the social landscape of Manipur, however, for all the myriads of issues confronting the society in this small state, we concur that, there are such […]