‘No more invisible’

It is imperative to turn children and domestic workers’ rights into reality Two significant events last week might have passed just like ordinary days for most people. However, for two interrelated cohorts of often marginalised but invisible and voiceless people, the events hold much significance. The ‘World Day Against Child Labour’ and ‘International Domestic Workers’ […]

Recovering playing ‘fields’

Witoubou Newmai Sports used to hold a unique place in the Naga society. However, with the fast devastating process of ‘development’ or ‘advancement’ playfields have shrunk, and the people, too, have meagre ‘other time’ except to constantly race against the great pace of the time. When one talks of the shrinking playfields, it may not […]

Of Hope & Reconciliation

Imkong Walling Growing up in the nineties as a school kid was literally a mishmash of experiences. Landline telephony and cable television was taking root, broad-gauge rail was taking the place of metre-gauge, rear engine autorickshaw was replacing its predecessor, homegrown print news was picking momentum, a long road overpass like in the big cities […]

Delivering Quality Education: Pedagogy and Evaluation

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir With the objective of promoting quality education, the Longleng District Planning and Development Board have come up with a noble resolution that every govt. department under Longleng district would adopt a govt. School. With such initiative of adoption and subsequent monitoring, it is hoped that schools will see desirable changes considering the […]

Rant! But know first

Imlisanen Jamir Being a young person today means making your voice heard. Loudly and proudly; and rightly so! Through a microphone, shouting in a protest rally, or on long posts on Facebook, protesting voices shape our existence. But do so by taking a breath, and with caution. This applies to both protestors and the state […]

On Nagaland recruitment policy

Over the past few days, #NagalandDemandsStaffSelectionBoard has become a top trend among users of micro-blogging site Twitter from the state. Give meritocracy its ‘due,’ down with corruption, manipulation, nepotism etc are some of the comments being tweeted by users, many attaching an info graphic image of Arunachal Pradesh Cabinet approving Draft Bill of for constitution […]

Need to re-frame & re-define concepts

Witoubou Newmai In a time such as this, it is important to be reminded that a society with the right attitude has no room for melodrama and contradiction. Since attitude also affects circumstance, it is important to dissect the collective attitude of a society if it is to take up corrective measures. Unless this exercise […]

Language of peoplehood

Aheli Moitra A few days back, the picture of a long lost Hindi teacher from school popped up on our alumni groups. Shukla ‘sir’ sat in the middle of a large family of children, in-laws and grandchildren, as happy as can be. He was an excellent teacher and made us love Hindi. He relayed the […]

Air Pollution

Dr. Asangba Tzudir Agents of change or destruction Set by United Nations Environment Programme, the theme for this year’s World Environment day is ‘Air Pollution’ considering the fact that approximately 7 million people worldwide die prematurely each year from air pollution, with about 4 million of these deaths occurring in Asia-Pacific. Added to this, it […]

The problem is more than plastic; it’s us!

Imlisanen Jamir There was a meme doing the rounds sometime last year stating that it isn’t a Naga home if there is no one drawer solely dedicated to storing plastic bags. Our love for this irresistible wonder material is all consuming, considering how versatile and light weight it is. We share a paradoxical relationship with […]

Lessons from Sudan

Following months of protests, the incumbent Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir was placed under house arrest on April 11, as the country prepared for a transitional government and parley for next government started. The Sudanese uprising, termed as “bread protest,” was triggered by a rise in inflation on December 19 last year, and is acutely reminiscent […]

Duties and Responsibilities

Witoubou Newmai What happens when the jealous talks of one’s own rights and freedom in a given domain fails to inspire a sense of responsibilities and duties? In other words, the sense of responsibilities and duties also comes from the sound knowledge about one’s own rights. Absence of such a sense of responsibilities and duties […]