The ‘Camp’

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir Zone of Indistinction, Lawlessness and Life Two contrasting events in relation to the Naga Political Issue vis-a-vis Peace Process have taken place in the last few days. Addressing the 18th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues at the UN HQ in New York, the Secretary General of the […]

We can all be heroes

Imlisanen Jamir If only real life worked liked it does in the movies; or maybe it can. As many of us mourned the loss of some of our fictional heroes in this weekend’s epic culmination of Marvel Studio’s eleven years long cinematic saga in Avenger’s Endgame, David Bowie’s words ring true; that “we can be […]

Money ‘matters’ in Nagaland

Days after the ending of voting processes in Nagaland, there was a curious exchange of words between two political parties –the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee and the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP). Nagaland went to poll on April 11. The former fired the first salvo in the form of a Good Friday’s ‘homily’ insinuating that […]

Earthquake preparedness over knee-jerk reaction

Witoubou Newmai Issues revolve around the seismic safety failed to attract much attention in our region as compared to “other security issues in the wider security concept”. This editorial is broaching the issue following reports that “a mega earthquake of magnitude 8.5 or more is long overdue in the Himalayan region.” There have been these […]

Evolution or Revolution?

Evolution or Revolution?

Aheli Moitra Human beings have developed and disbursed technology at an advanced rate in the past 30 years, more so in the past decade. Many of these technologies have made our lives easier, facilitated better communication, enabled us lifestyles of choice, developed our societies, helped eliminate diseases and prolonged human lifespan. Technological advancement in the […]

Easter attacks and Global Terror

Easter attacks and Global Terror

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir The world witnessed something horrific this Easter. While the Christian community rejoiced the resurrection of Christ, Sri Lanka was struck by terrorists leaving about 290 deaths and many injured. Who would have imagined that such a magnitude of terror would happen in the Church on Easter morning. Neither will those staying in […]

Innovate! Create! To save the planet

Imlisanen Jamir This Easter Sunday was the second ‘official’ celebration of World Creativity and Innovation Day; a day which is incidentally celebrated six days after Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday and one day before International Mother Earth Day. According to the United Nations, the WCID aims to raise awareness of the role of creativity and innovation […]

The ‘blanking’ years

The ‘blanking’ years

It’s been the longest break for Nagaland in the last decade or so. For the last three years, there is an acute dearth of Nagas from the state clearing the UPSC’s Civil Services Exam. This is in stark contrast to the scene around ten years back when at least a name or two from Nagaland […]

Far from the ‘madding crowd’

Witoubou Newmai Amidst howls and jibes from politicians forming the social ambience in Manipur during this election time, two interesting events, far away from the ‘madding crowd’, calmly took place. On both occasions, activists from various fields, in their earnest endeavours to address issues, came together. One event focussed on the ‘fake encounter cases’ or […]

A space for progress

Aheli Moitra Beisumpuikam village sits right on the border of Dimapur and Peren districts. If that is not tricky enough, they have the additional complexity of sharing their neighbourhood with Intangki Forest Reserve and NSCN (IM)’s Hebron Camp. Inhabited by the Zeliangrong people, there are many other factors that lend a level of rugged intricacy […]

We’ve ignored child labour for too long

Imlisanen Jamir The recent arrest of a couple by the police in Kohima on charges of assaulting a 13 years old girl child is only one example of the precarious situations that many children live in most Naga homes. Domestic child labour is rampant in Nagaland, especially in the towns, and discourse on cruelty to […]

Restore faith

‘Proxy dhama-dham!’ was a lead news item in The Morung Express, a day after Nagaland went to poll for the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly on February 27, 2018. When the state voted again for the lone parliamentary seat and a bye election a year and some days after, on April 11, the headline reads, ‘Contrary […]