Education dept employees encouraged to talk about importance of education

Training cum interactive session held for Office Assistants of Directorate of School Education


Kohima, July 16 (MExN): One day training cum interactive session for the Office Assistants of the Directorate of School Education, Nagaland was held at SIEMAT building, SCERT, Nagaland here on July 15.


Resource person Dr. Zavise Rume, Associate Professor & Nodal Officer, Guidance & Counselling Cell, SCERT, Nagaland spoke on the soft skill approach to counselling in dealing with emotions for emotional and mental wellbeing, a press release informed. He stressed the importance of creating inner peace of mind through therapeutic listening and empathetic understanding so as to give psychological treatment to persons with emotional problem.


“Every individual has power to empower others to deal with emotions by touching, comforting and relieving them from emotional pains,” he said. Dr. Zavise suggested some personality qualities which can cure emotional pains of other people like relaxed, trustable, reliable, authentic and real personality, active listening, listening to the thoughts, feelings, listening to expressed and unexpressed feelings, consistency in good personal habits, nonjudgmental attitude.


He emphasized the skill of totally attending to a person physically, mentally, emotionally, totally observing and listening to the person, through which process one can give psychological treatment to create sustainable inner peace of mind, happiness, joy in the person suffering from emotional tensions and stresses.


He encouraged the participants to practise active listening and empathetic understanding of persons with whom they are interacting in the offices so that “we can be a source of emotional healing.”


Other skills of dealing with emotions Dr. Zavise highlighted were good eye contact, voice modulation, posture, nonverbal body language and smiling, which he said is a powerful tool in dealing with emotions.


Counseling service, he stated, is highly essential for many educationists, teachers, students, policy makers, administrators, general public who have lost faith in the present system of education in the State.


“Through dealing with emotions by practising soft skills, one can bring people closer and make them understand the real goal of the present education through which we can expect social reformation,” he asserted. He encouraged every employee of School Education department to talk about importance of education with whoever they interact with.


Meanwhile, the resource person stressed the need for a space for counseling service in all the schools, colleges, universities and offices, in which every individual in education setting is given opportunities to air out pent-up emotions so as to promote emotional wellbeing. This, he added, will enhance the quality of performance while referring to many countries like Japan where every employee of private companies undergoes a month of silence and meditation yearly.


Dr. Zavise also encouraged the Naga scholars, researchers, educationists to conduct research studies to explore and discover the Naga indigenous methods of dealing with emotions and conflict resolution. “This is due to the fact that in the recent past, the Naga parents in general even without any knowledge in counseling psychology, could resolve many conflicts in family and society and children are generally given counseling from their home itself,” he said.


On the other hand, the officers were encouraged to practise ‘Achievement Motivation’ to reform the present system of education, where motivation is given to even a small and insignificant achievement made by every individual working in School Education department so that every employee is made to always explore and seek possibilities of achievement without being discouraged by failures.


He informed the participants that the Nagaland Education Association, where he is the President, is now working hard to ensure that the State Government formulates a clear cut state policy on education. He meanwhile appealed to all the State political party leaders to reflect ‘Education Policies’ in their party manifestos and interact on the policy with the public during the forthcoming general election campaigns. Dr. Zavise concluded saying that the subject of quality education should be the State Government’s agenda.


Other resource persons who spoke at the programme were G. Kevishe Phucho, retired Addl. Secretary, Government of Nagaland; Andreas, SO, Department of Law & Justice, Government of Nagaland; and Tokhuho, Registrar, Directorate of School Education.

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