Eight couples tie knot in mass wedding in Phek dist

Eight couples tie knot in mass wedding in Phek dist

Families and friends greet new couples during mass wedding at Thetsümi village on December 14. (Morung Photo)

Chizokho Vero
Thetsümi | December 14

Eight couples tied the knot today at an impressive mass wedding ceremony held at Thetsümi village under Phek district.

This holy matrimonial service was managed by Thetsümi Baptist Church (TBC). Eight couples contributed Rs. 70,000 each this time. The church took full responsibilities in managing mass wedding according to the budget.
After executing act of solemnization to eight couples, Rev. Dr. Kevekhalo Lasuh encouraged other churches to go for mass wedding as it save time, economy and also bring people together.”

“Thetsümi Baptist Church encourages mass wedding because it covers many areas “economically, people’s involvement and time factors. This has been in practices since 3-4 decades,” said TBC pastor Veprete Lasuh.

Even Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC) encourages the practice of mass wedding in all the 100 churches under CBCC.

“We will continue this practice in the near future as well, because it helped even to the poor people who can manage without spending much money,” said Lasuh.

Appreciating this practice, Phek Deputy Commissioner Orenthung Lotha donated Rs. 50,000 under “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” (Save Girl Child, Educate Girl Child).”

History of mass wedding in Thetsümi
The concept of tying nuptials in a group first started in the year 1982 when two couples namely Lhoutsüzü Lasuh & Neitsrü-ü and Kethochülo Lasuh & Velhoutso-ü approached the Pastor and Church elders to solemnize their marriage on the same day on December 20, 1981. Three years later in 1984, two other couples were unified together in mass marriage on November 4.
The church elders comprehended the benefits provided by this practice, and soon resolved to officially reserve December 17 every year as mass wedding day.

Another reason for this resolution is to alleviate the oppression of the poorer lots who deviate and marry on their own to avoid the huge expenses of managing the wedding single handedly.

After the official declaration of mass wedding by the Church, three couples took vows in marriage on December 22, 1989. In the year 2012, twelve (12) couples tied their nuptials on a Mass Wedding which was solemnized by Rev. Dr. Kevekhalo Lasuh. This was the highest bonding after the official declaration.

In the past, when the CBCC restricted feasting on the wedding day to shun huge expenses and debts incurred. Thereupon, it became a difficult task for the Church to prevent the richer families. However, mass wedding has bridged these hardships and differences, besides saving one’s time and resources.

The expenditure of mass wedding is equally contributed and thus affordable even by a poor family, diminishing the immoral way of getting married.