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Elders of Medziphema resent 'negligent attitude' of ECI

Medziphema, December 4 (MExN): The elders and leaders of Medziphema Village Council (MVC) and Medziphema Town Mechü Krotho (MTMK) have expressed resentment at the “negligent, disrespectful attitude of ECI Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. where it miserably failed to abide by its commitments.”

The elders along with the Gaonburas held an emergency meeting on December 2 to discuss pertinent issues in regard to the construction of NH-29 within Medziphema area.

A press release jointly issued by MVC Chairman, Nikhonyü Kuotsu; MTMK President Akhoto Kuotsu and MTMK General Secretary Khrielie Iralu stated that the construction firm (ECI) had in July 2019, issued an "undertaking" in the presence of ADC, Medziphema and the public that they would begin construction of road in Medziphema jurisdiction by October this year.

The release stated that they also assured to provide a water tanker along with one supervisor for 24x7 hours duty until the construction work is over in the said area.

However, the it said that the “ECI has failed on all fronts and as such, the public leaders who are under immense pressure from the people, have raised serious concern over the lackadaisical approach of the construction firm and thereby, asked the ECI to respond through positive action immediately.” 

The house further “resolved unanimously that the people would be compelled to take further course of action against the ECI in case they continue to neglect the interest of the public.”

It further disclosed that in the event of any unfortunate incident that may arise due to the failure of ECI, “the ECI would be held solely responsible by the public of Medziphema.”


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