And election fever sets in

And election fever sets in

Peter Rutsa: It has been noticed that Elections, especially the “general elections” in Nagaland has for long been the dirtiest in constituencies under Mokokchung for quite some time. Again if recent developing events are signs of things to come, Mokokchung and Aos look all geared and fired up to experience another very dirty chapter. Probably dirtiest ever if not controlled.


Therefore it is required for clean election activists from the Ao community who have been at the forefront to redirect their concentration on the parent district. Meanwhile, the Baptist Church should also focus more towards Mokokchung district, the Ao legislators, electorates and numerous probable contestants without wasting time.


Come elections, Aos considered and accepted as pioneers of Christianity as well as education forget this admirable attributes and fail to do justice to general expectations that come with such accomplishments. The people and the district have surely not been setting the best example for others to emulate. Some sections of the community with their post-election conduct are making a mockery of these two important factors related to Aos.


Without question, social trends and patterns are being set in Nagaland based on how few “advanced” tribes of Nagaland including the Aos behave themselves. Unfortunately the way Aos have been partaking in matters related to elections is most unbecoming.


The days of whatever happens within our house, our family, our clan, our khel, our village, our range, our tribe is nobody’s concern is now invalid, outdated, illegal and no longer justified or acceptable. Be it during elections or at other times relating to various social issues.


If Nagas, the Church in particular NBCC and the general Ao community do not immediately take into control the alarming conflict, what is happening in Mokokchung and “few other constituencies” around the state will cause irreversible damage on the collective hopes and aspirations for a free, fair and clean elections.


The recent by-elections held for 10th Northern Angami-I Assembly constituency also saw a “free, fair” but very dirty elections, which in itself has succeeded in putting a lot of doubts on the minds of clean election proponents and putting a smile on the lips of those politicians, political workers and electorates who for their selfish personal gains do not wish for elections in Nagaland to be held as is required by the law and most importantly, in a way which befits Christians and a Christian state.


Regardless of whether general elections will be conducted as scheduled in 2018 taking into consideration the talks between the NSCN/GPRN (IM) and the GOI, the Nagas of Nagaland should not give any slack to the impetus and continue fervently with the struggle for conduct of free, fair and clean elections in the state for all times to come.


(Hoping issue of abuse and defamation does not arise)


The response of the online Ao community to the posting comes as no surprise to me. As experienced earlier, again Ao bloggers accepted the reality in understanding, with humility and even to the extent of being apologetic.


The behaviour of Aos online speaks clearly of the general Ao maturity.


In fact yet to see the Ao tribe engage in mob behaviour online, against members of other tribes as is seen in some.


Aos also have on many occasions promptly and effectively tackled characters from their community misbehaving unreasonably online against people from other communities on inter/multi tribal issues.


Looking forward in all positivity to Aos tackling this issue in Tuli area and other areas if any, with wisdom, but sternly. Election related confrontations always spill over to other constituencies. Not just Mokokchung but other districts could also be influenced.


Finally looking forward to all English dailies reporting fairly on such developments. Issues concerning all Nagas should not be relegated to back pages.


Lanu Longkumer: Another general election is just around the corner in Nagaland, and the promise of a clean and peaceful election campaign just fell completely flat with the recent Incident.


This is not the first time for Aos to report such incident. I have seen it and experienced it first hand. We’ve become a menace to the society, we become this sociopath under sheep clothing, we emulate hate, evil, vengeance, resentful, ignorance, selfishness, what’s not we become in the name of elections.


It’s disgraceful and disgusting, we forget our priorities as parents, elders and leaders.


Is this what we teach our future generations, have you lost all your morality and dignity? You really don’t care about who is losing or dying, all you care is to get a bite at the biggest chunk of meet, all for the sake of making someone win who will eventually forget you and the society to suffer. Learn from the history.


Have we become so ignorant and selfish that we don’t see what the negative and lasting implication are, and the worst part is we name ourselves the PIONEERS. I ask in what?


Other communities look up to us in many avenues. I’m sure this incident will be one of the events. Burning down private property, disrupting peace is not one of the agenda. Or is it?


This greed and lust for power and money will bring everyone to our knees. I’m utterly shamed. God has shut his doors for what YOU’VE done, you don’t deserve to be called Christians. I pity the younger generations, there is nothing to learn from this episode.


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