Elon Musk begins restricting Threads search on Twitter

IANS Photo

IANS Photo

San Francisco, July 11 (IANS): Users of Meta's Twitter rival Threads discovered that Elon Musk has begun limiting search results when they try to find links to Threads on the microblogging platform, despite the platform currently being filled with links to Threads content. 

A user on Threads posted, "Twitter is selectively blocking searches for tweets that link to Threads, even though they allow posting Threads URLs (for now)." 

However, the behaviour is also being widely reported by Twitter users, reports The Verge. The issue was discovered while searching for links to a specific URL with the "url:" search operator. 

Searching "url:threads.net" on Twitter returns zero results, despite there being a lot of tweets linking to the domain. 

Similarly, searching for "threads.net" without the "url:" operator returns dozens of irrelevant results from users with their Threads account in their display name, or who discuss Threads without linking to it, the report said. 

Meanwhile, Threads users are complaining on Twitter that the app is draining their phone batteries while in use. “"Is Threads just... murderous to anyone else's battery?" a user of the app wrote on their Twitter page. 

"I'm not going to use Instagram Threads until … it stops draining my phone battery," another user said. 

Other Twitter users shared screenshots of their Threads accounts that included the low-battery-life graphic. 

"Threads app is collecting so much background data that it's draining users phone battery faster than any other application," a user tweeted.