Endroparasitic infection in dogs and its prevention

Endroparasitic infection in dogs and its prevention

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Anyendoparasitic infection is a serious and potentially fatal disease of dog. Pet dog no matter how well cared by their owner can still get endoparasitic infestation at some stages of their live and thus affect their normal health and growth. Therefore it is an essential responsibility for all dog owners to regularly deworm their pet dog.


There are three common types ofendoparasite which can affect your dog namely

1. Toxocaracanis- is a roundworm commonly infects young pups.Symptom include retarted growth, lack of appetite, diarrhoea, vomiting and pot belly.


2. Dipylidiumcaninum- most common tapeworms in dog. Symptom include rubbing of anus on the ground, restlessness and in the faeces cucumber seeds or boiled rice grains type of tapeworm segment are discharged.

3. Ancylostomacaninum- it is the most common and highly pathogenic hookworms in dog. Symptom include loss of weight, skin irritation leading to skin lesion,anaemia,blood in stool, black coloured stools and dysentery.


Preventive measures to controlendoparasitic infection in your pet dog

1. Always keep the dog house dry and clean

2. Avoid sharing of your household utensils for dog food and water

3. Fed well balance diet

4. Periodically do faecal examination of your dog

5. Regular brushing and combing of your dog

6. Bath your dog atleast once a week

7. Proper disposal of dog faeces and urine

8. Regular deworming ofyour dog with anthelmintic

9. Wash hand thoroughly with soap and water after handling and feeding of your dog

Always consult a veterinarian for types of dewormer and the dosage to be used in your pet dog.