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ENSA bans employment of Eastern Naga students from Myanmar as domestic helps

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 13 (MExN): The Eastern Naga Students’ Association (ENSA) has resolved to ban the employment of Eastern Naga students from Myanmar as domestic workers/helpers within its jurisdiction.

It asserted that a student must have their legal guardian with them in order to attain better education. The ENSA meanwhile encouraged Eastern Nagas to opt for “home-based education.”

This was among several decisions taken by the association during an executive meeting on August 12. 

A press release from ENSA President, Nokpai Konyak and General Secretary, Kailong Leinong stated that Eastern Naga students from Myanmar who want to live in its jurisdiction should register with the concerned federating unit of the association. 

It further resolved that “no person/students from the Eastern Nagas (Myanmar) shall be allowed to stay with guardians or in other places without any purpose. ENSA will take serious actions if anyone is found doing such as according to the situations.”

It also decided that no sponsors would be allowed without prior information and knowledge of the ENSA. “Some people from Eastern Nagas are taking advantage of getting and receiving sponsorships/fund-raising in the name of Eastern Nagas (Myanmar),” the ENSA claimed.

The association cautioned that “if anyone bring students from Eastern Naga areas of Myanmar and keep with unknown guardians without informing responsible person/federating unit, ENSA will take serious action upon the person.” It noted that many Easter Naga students and children from Myanmar are staying with guardians “without knowing who brought them.”

It meanwhile requested all federating units and subordinate bodies to be more vigilant “as few non-Nagas of Myanmar are misusing Naga identities and practicing shameful deeds to spoil the image of Nagas in Nagaland.”

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