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Environment awareness campaign continues

Dimapur, February 26 (MExN): An environment awareness campaign on the theme ‘Biodiversity Conservation’ was conducted on February 22, at Penuel Christian School in Loyir Village, New Showuba under Dimapur district. Maple society secretary, James in a press release said that the programme was facilitated by Maple society: channel for socio-economic action.
The topic primarily emphasised during the community participatory session was on ‘how to promote traditional medicinal herbs’. Participants from various backgrounds like community youth leader, academician, teacher, politician, media, medical staff, social worker, etc shared the importance and value of medicinal herbs.
Thongpi Janger, headmistress of Penuel Christian School said, “It certainly brings pain within when we commit such arduous acts like recklessly burning those green forests, especially the mountain tops, we often witness, just for a meagre, bagful of paddy harvest. Definitely we hardly can do anything as a commoner, but imagine the damages with its effects to environment and of course those plentiful of valued plants too.”
Yimso Yimchunger, proprietor of the school, Lakiu kips, General Secretary JDU-state, Imli Yanger, academician, John, Freelance journalist, Nazim Ahmed, Patkai College faculty, Mungtsu, Village youth leader etc also spoke during the campaign.
Further, two special days - World Earth Day (April 22) and World Environment Day (June 5) are going to be observed doing activities like hiking (identify medicinal herbs for planting in school garden and planting saplings in the school and village areas).