Even Mughals knew they can’t rule if they openly support cow slaughter: HM

New Delhi, August 8 (IANS) :Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday stressed on the need to protect cows, saying even the Mughals, who ruled India between the 16th and 18th centuries, knew that they could not rule with open support to cow slaughter.


“Whatever little information I have about Mughal rulers… I can say that the Mughal rulers were aware of this fact. They understood that by killing cows and giving open support to cow slaughter they cannot rule for a long period,” he said.


The minister even quoted the founder of the Mughal dynasty Babur. “Even Babur, in his will, has written, we can’t do two things at one time. Either rule the hearts of people or eat cow’s meat. Only one thing can happen… They cannot be done together.”


Speaking at a conference on conservation of cows, the minister said the British rulers failed to understand this aspect which led to India’s first war of independence.


“After the British came to India, the way Indian tradition had to be respected… it was not done.
“In fact, it became worse. One of the main reasons for the first war of independence (1857) was cow fat which was used in cartridges. This shows the faith of people towards cow,” he said.


Govt mulling free fodder for cows not producing milk

The government has plans to provide free fodder to the owners of cows which have stopped yielding milk to prevent them from turning into a burden, union minster Prakash Javadekar said here on Saturday.

“Farmers feed cow till she produces milk. But when she stops producing milk, they hand her over to the butcher out of financial compulsions,” Javadekar, the minister for environment, forests and climate change, said while addressing a conference on cow conservation organised by the Rashtriya Godhan Mahasangh along with the agricultural ministry here.

“Farmers love cows, but expenses incurred to feed her when she stops producing milk is a concern. Hence, we are thinking upon how jungles around villages can be utilised in this regard,” he added.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, former Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa and Haryana Agricultural Minister O.P. Dhankar also attended the function.