Excommunicate the State Government and not the Candidates

Zhekheli Zhimomi


Just because I don’t favour Women Reservation by choice doesn’t mean that I have to remain a silent spectator instead of speaking out the truth against the NGO’s/tribal bodies obnoxious claims like: Women Reservation is against Article 371(A). Right is right, wrong is wrong and with due respect, tribal bodies deriving power from misconceived notion of Art.371(A) and threatening to excommunicate the candidates who file nomination papers is not only against the law of the land but abuse of Art.371(A). More disappointing are the tribal bodies who publicly supported reservation earlier and made U turns now and be like, “others are opposing, I’m also opposing.” What a principle? Baseless claims, dictates, twists and turns by the guardians behind the facade of Art. 371(A) has infact desecrated customary procedures and social practices of our forefathers.


If remembered correctly, it was the NSF who first claimed women reservation is against Art.371 (A). Subsequently, NH, CNTC, ENPO and now tribal bodies and NTC. Intriguingly, till date, no organization/tribal bodies has given clarification to substantiated their claim as to how reservation is violative of Art. 371(A). Pray, my leaders, unless a mere reading of Art.371(A) itself is as dangerous as ISIS to threaten Naga women(men) with excommunication for filing nomination in election, please interpret Art. 371(A) and make public what exactly are the customary procedures and social practices to the tribal bodies means under Art.371(A) before imposing blanket excommunication penalty, which is not incorporated in Art.371(A).


Excommunicate the State Government and Election Commission under customary law, if so to say, and not the candidates. It is the state government who implemented 33% women reservation and Election Commission notified the conduct of civic body polls. Even in illegal actions, putting the cart before the horse is not illegal fairness.
We are told our forefathers used to impose excommunisation punishment for committing heinous crimes like rape, murder etc. during their customary days.


Today’s proposition of Law: “Customs and traditions which are oppressive and against public policy is illegal.”
Unless barred by law, right to contest election is a fundamental right to all citizens under the constitution of India. Apprehensively, if the tribal bodies excommunicate the candidates for participating in the constitutional provision election, unnecessary legal complication would arise and it will aggravate the triangle entanglement of the state  government, tribal bodies and Naga women. Fabric of Naga society is at stake, Naga leaders.


Atleast I’m not expecting fire brigade water cannon baptism and forced tear gas crying from our tribal bodies to whom I look up as agents of change. I have no inclination towards any party and in all honesty and truth, if Art.371(A) is to be debated to each to his own interpretation, understanding and claims, Indian constitution has to go and both Naga men and women have to go back to head hunting and cooking happily everafter. Alas, there will be no general elections/municipal elections, the root cause of murdering Art.371 (A) /sacred customary laws of respective Naga tribes! Law cannot be applied on likes and dislikes of the Nagas. In God we trust, long live, Naga tribal bodies…AMEN!