Keduovilie Linyü

The most significant feature of the political leaders was the faith that they with an active mind and body was capable of knowing and controlling the world, and fashioning his own success and happiness. Man is the most fortunate of creatures. Human beings are ‘Kings’ of all beings below God and angles and work with the new intellectual and cultural climate to turn themselves into a higher form of life that is god-like. The politicians give assurances and commitments through which the politician can win the confidence of the people. Even a layman can demand whatever the requirements from the candidate.


In the crooked society, when we talk about clean and fair election, it is known to the people that a person’s name has been entered in the electoral roll in a colony in Kohima, Dimapur and also enrolled in his village.


What do we mean by multiple votes? There has been inflow of illegal immigrants enrolled in electoral rolls in district H.q’s throughout Nagaland. Corruption has become a fact of life and has trickled down from a top to the bottom in all spheres. Collapse of standard in public life and the decline in the quality of leadership seems to have rocked the foundation of our democratic policy, it seems today’s comfort is greater than tomorrow’s prospects.


We lack the basic conscience to interpret our fundamental principle and remain just to grab power and to gain influence over fellow men. We blame the politicians and leaders for not meeting their assurances and commitments made during electioneering time. But we should also place ourselves in right relation to what we usually do with them during election. In some cases, the purse of the candidate was drained empty. Clinging to the post he holds, the politician will catch the sight of that great privilege which showed him where he could find safety. Many leaders forgot that they live in a borrowed time without caring for obligation. Coming to live in the midst of the Christians, let us remember a scripture word – ‘in that case you may even be found fighting against God.’