Miracles do happen

Miracles do happen in this day and age. I can prove it. This is my testimony:In 2004, my wife and I were contemplating having a second child. Our daughter was four then and we felt that she might feel lonely growing up as an only child. Only months earlier, we had welcomed Jesus into our […]

Face the Face

Have you ever met someone who could light up a room with their radiant expression?Most of us are more familiar with grumpy expressions. Nobody likes a sourpuss, but let’s face it, with all the stress and anxiety many of us deal with on a regular basis it is not uncommon for us to walk around […]

Technology and the Worship Leader

For many worship leaders, technology is either a necessary evil or too much of a good thing. Kim Gentes, founder of www.WorshipMusic.com, has been working with technology both inside and outside of the worship leading field for many years. His insights here on using technology to aid the worship encounter are insightful and invaluable. 1. […]

Giving, Receiving and Gratitude

Kneeling before the toilet in the motel’s bathroom I prayed, “Father, please help me get a deer today.” The early morning sun illuminated the snowcapped mountains’ panorama above Squaw Valley in 1967 with an excitement that compelled me to run towards their base. Carrying my brother’s new 30-30 lever action rifle, the climb up into […]

Rebecca St. James Interview

REBECCA ST. JAMES is both a Grammy and Dove Award recipient, with international success that has driven her record sales into the millions. The Australian-born St. James, who has been called “the definitive voice in today’s contemporary Christian music,” is the author of such books as Wait for Me and She. She is known for […]


The content of this publication is not “Politically Correct.” The content is “BIBLICALLY  CORRECT.” Gods Mercy ?? YOUR LIFE DEPENTS ON IT ! God’s Mercy? Something to think about…… what about you? Can you live apart from the God who formed you in your mother’s womb? Has not every bite of food that has ever […]

In the land of Mao, a rising tide of Christianity

Worshippers attend a service at a church in China’s Protestant heartland in the country’s east. By some estimates, China now has 100 million Christians, more believers in Christ than Communist Party members.(Ariana Lindquist for NPR)   Official Chinese surveys now show that nearly one in three Chinese describe themselves as religious, an astonishing figure for […]

Can God Be Silent?

It was in 2006 that German-born Pope Benedict XVI visited Auschwitz where six million Jews had been killed under Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship and the words he uttered were: “In a place like this, words fail; in the end, there can be only a dread silence, a silence which itself is a heartfelt cry to God: […]

The Best in life is to live for Jesus

Composed by Alem Meren On February 5, 1959 at Aliba, Ao area The wintry leaves of mountain trees were pale, The slanting rays of sun upon me fell. Then up in mountain top alone was I. My heart had danced and leaped and sang with joy My mind was full of thoughts with fate of […]

Science book and the Bible: which weighs heavier?

Once great nations are in social decline. Family breakdown and crime are increasing. Where there would seem to be everything to live for, epidemic of youth suicide and broken homes did afflicted nations. What accounts for this? This social decay has followed considerate changes in what young children are taught in school. Depending on the […]

Quest of Spirituality

The growing tension and the search for true Spirituality is a postmodernquest. Each religion professes its own faith according to its own beliefs and teachings. David Brian Perrin once lamented that, “People throughout the world experience spirituality whether they are Christians or not, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism are all forms of spirituality, but have no […]