“Alleluia, alleluia! Christ, our paschal lamb has been sacrificed. Let us, therefore, celebrate the festival. Alleluia! (1 Cor 5:7b-8a) Rev. Fr. C. Joseph Counsellor, St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama   Many people don’t view their life in the context of eternity. They see their existence as limited to what is experienced through the physical body. Once […]


Rev. Fr. Gwayhunlo Lawrence Khing Kohima   This is Easter where life has conquered death…. Easter is a movable feast which is celebrated between 22ndMarch and 25th April. The word, EASTER embodies many pre-Christian traditions, yet scholars accept the derivation proposed by the 8th century English Scholar, St. Bede. They believed that the word comes […]

Neo-Orthodoxy: Karl Barth

He revived orthodoxy when mere moralism and humanism had seemingly won over the theological world   Mark Galli   “The gospel is not a truth among other truths. Rather, it sets a question mark against all truths.” Karl Barth (pronounced “bart”) not only said this, he spent his life setting question marks, in the name […]

Examining Religions and the Reason for Civil Discourse

Ravi Zacharias | RZIM.ORG   “It was years ago when I was speaking at an openly and avowedly atheistic institution that I was fascinated by a questioner who asked what on earth I meant by the term God. The city was Moscow; the setting was the Lenin Military Academy. The atmosphere was tense. Never had […]

How the Prophet Habakkuk Built an Anti-Fragile Faith

Krish Kandiah | Christianity Today   My son, Luke, is a brilliant soccer player. Even at a young age, he had fantastic control skills and a powerful kick. Luke is also a brilliant artist, appreciating the beauty of the world around him and translating that onto paper with pencil and paint. Unfortunately, this combination was […]

The Divine Shepherd

The Divine Shepherd

Psalm 23 1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters, 3 He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 4 Even though I walk through the valley of the […]

Christmas in all shapes and sizes

Easterine Kire   In many metropolitan cities in India, as well as around the world, gift shops have Christmas goodies on display by the beginning of November. Airport shops brilliantly display their Christmas offers. Santas are available in all shapes and sizes, and the interiors of shops are covered in Christmas paraphernalia such as tinsel, […]

We love because God first loved us

We love because God first loved us

1. God’s abounding love: “The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.” (Psalm 103:8) Though the Lord may be justly angry because of sin, he does not maintain his anger for long. Great as his wrath may be, his mercy is greater. God’s rule is characterized by grace.   2. God’s […]

The wounded healer has an agenda on non-healing

Ezamo Murry   As we all focus on disability on this NBCC Sunday for Persons with disability (PwD) the following few talking point will also widen our horizon on the subject.   Human desire to be whole, perfect and flawless is natural but to achieve it we cannot bring God the Creator of varieties under […]

The God of the Bible

Dr. L.M. Murry   Our God is not one God out of many gods. It is about what the Bible says about God. Across the pages of the Bible, march the armies of the kingdoms of long ago, beginning from the Hettite Empire to a span of two and half thousand years, ending in the […]

Your Grace is Enough

Your Grace is Enough

Beni Seb or as I lovingly call her Benile has been a dear friend. I’ve known her as a lover. And a very genuine and passionate lover at that! She loves and loves and loves! She’s not the hard-to-please kind, we cry very easily and we realised how much we love worship too! Her heart […]

The Final Judgment of God

The Final Judgment of God

Selie Visa   1. The final judgment:   The final judgment is the sentence that will be passed on our actions at the last day. The persons to be judged are the whole race of Adam without a single exception whether living or dead and the fallen angels.   2. Three examples of judgment: “Though […]