‘Far from the madding crowd’

‘Far from the madding crowd’

Morung Express Feature
Yimchalu (Mkg) | March 29


Here is a story of a young man – educated, well known and daring – investing in what he likes best. Here is a young man who, in his own words, is a hopeless romanticist and loves to be among the trees ‘far from the madding crowd.’
For Adang Jamir, a young graduate with English honors, his farm at Yimchalu village (about fifteen kilometers from Mokokchung town) is an escape from hectic life in the town. Adang Jamir is also a well known choreographer. He had organized events like Miss Mokokchung during his college days, choreographed beauty pageant contestants at Miss Dimapur, Miss Nagaland etc. His latest stints as a choreographer were the Miss Mokokchung 2014 and Miss Ukhrul.
“So, what are you doing here?” asked The Morung Express during an informal interaction at his farm. “I have spent most of my life in the cities and the towns. And I want to find some quietness and so invested in this farm,” said the outgoing choreographer. “You see money is not about everything. You have to do what you like best and be happy at what you do.”


His farm is, in fact, an upcoming resort at Yimchalu village under Sungratsu village. He has christened his abode as ‘The Woods’; he says that ‘The Woods’ is simply ‘the woods’, neither a farm nor a resort, but a getaway place for people, especially families, who want to spend a quiet afternoon or a picnic together.


“You see, there are not many hangout places in Mokokchung, not many spots where families can relax and the like. I want to provide just that place for those people. After all, these days we are too busy, and people especially the young families, want to hangout. So, why not someone provides that spot, they can relax here,” informs Adang.


The most striking feature of ‘The Woods’ is the modern swimming pool clustered amidst the green hills overlooking the valley. It has become the most popular spot for young people. He teaches the visitors how to swim too.


“I invested in the swimming pool because I love swimming. When I was in Delhi or Mumbai, my friends used to call me a duck.” Adang adds, “Our people are interested in swimming; it’s not only a good way to relax but also a great exercise. I have already taught more than twenty-five people how to swim here.”


He said that that he has invested at ‘The Woods’ from his own resources and has not received any outside help. And like many of the young upcoming entrepreneurs, Adang has further plans for his venture.


“Just wait, let time bring,” said Adang when pestered about his future plans. For those who want to spend a good time swimming and relaxing ‘far from the madding crowd’ then perhaps ‘The Woods’ might be the perfect place. If you are visiting The Woods, do remember to take your bathing suit, the water might be too tempting to resist.